Blake James fired

Per many Diaz

Ha!!! Per Manny Navarro

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I guess all his tweets about diversity didn’t make up for the fact he was incompetent.

First thing Miami has done right since Richt left.

Pray they hire someone with a clue.

I presume Manny is next.

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Anyone have details on this yet?

Great news. Now fire Manny, and hire the guy from TCU.

Twitters blowing up, hims is gone!!! ABOUT FUKING TIME!:beers:

Wait… “Per many Diaz”? Coach Manny Diaz?
Why do I feel like I am getting punked?

Do you mean Manny Navarro?

From Twitter …
BREAKING: University Of Miami To Conduct An Exhaustive National Search For A New Athletic Director … President Frenk Expects To Introduce Him To The Media Tomorrow Before Breakfast



Too Many Manny’s

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Is this confirmed?

If so, all praise be to allah, Jesus, Buddha and all the other gods. most useless AD I’ve ever seen


Thank you lord baby Jesus. Never thought I’d see this.

What does this mean for Diaz???

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Diaz will probably ride out the year.

At least, I would hope this will be up to the new AD, and that hire probably won’t be immediate.

With a new AD, I can’t see Diaz hanging around for another season, but it is possible given the timing and HC candidates.

A decade of sheer incompetence

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Great news for all sports

Esp for football

Manny…hate to say it but

Dead Man Walkin!!

Please god no Bikki…Wake up.

Patterson is burnt out. Shouldn’t be a candidate.


We’ve rifled through ADs at almost the same clip as HBCs.

Won’t fix a thing even tho Blake should have never been given the job.

Hocutt left on his own. Not that he was a real loss, frankly.