Bannon (LOL)

Be nice if he gets max sentencing which isn’t much, think like a couple year right?

Going to be tough when all he was asking for was to testify openly in public. Committee could have and should have allowed that.

Others have testified in public. Why can’t Bannon?

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Bannon all of a sudden wants to testify after he is facing jail time? Go figure that a guy who lacks all scrupals ( GSCl :lying_face: wn ) would be pretending to defend another guy who lacks all scupals.

Minimum is 30 days……don’t know the max but I’d say 2 years is excessive. Pretty sure it’s a misdemeanor which is a year or less……although he’s been convicted of 2 counts so conceivably he could get 2 years. Seriously doubt he’ll even get 6 months.

Because he won’t answer their questions and just try to argue with the committee the whole time? Just like Trump would? That said I’m sure theyd LOVE Trump to testify.

It’d be in his best interest not to. :laughing:

Bannon is not going to jail. He will appeal the charge and likely prevail. What kind of trial does not allow the defense to cross examine? Bannon is a true thorn in the side of Democrats. He’s highly intelligent and very eloquent as well. It would surprise me were the case to be reviewed by the Supreme Court.

Why didn’t Eric Holder go to jail? Inequality of justice is pervasive in DC courts. You cannot allow Democrats to walk while Republicans are prosecuted. Prediction. Before the mid-terms Hunter Biden will be offered and accept a plea deal wherein he may likely walk.

He can do that same thing in private.

The point is that he wants his testimony to be seen/heard. Not to be manipulated by the committee or their puppets, the media.

Everything is a conspiracy theory



I agree with this statement. Everything IS a conspiracy. We’ve gone over this.

But if you mean in a nefarious way, I would agree that…. The more important things become politically or in terms of power, the more conspiracies are actually necessary. You think power and influence just naturally manifest?

We’ve already gone over that you are not intellectually capable of thinking about anything in life other than conspiracy theories. You are sick in the mind and not well.

But racism in 2022 isn’t, right?

2 years

I would assume they will throw him max sentencing to prevent idiots from trying it in the future. Also, someone should get to work on increasing punishments for this type of barbaric behavior.

This nonsense won’t survive appeal.

Bet you it will.

Cut and dry.

Multiple issues here.

  1. Assertion of executive privilege that the committee ignored.

  2. Demanding Bannon testify in private.

  3. Judge in case didn’t allow Bannon to defend himself.

Long ways from over.

Bannon screwed himself when he didn’t even attempt to negotiate the subpoena. He just never showed up.

Bullet proof appeal. LOL.

Not correct. He responded that executive privilege precluded him from participating. That’s an answer and it’s on the record. They didn’t like the response.

He then, at a later point, said he would testify contingent upon it being a public hearing.

These are facts that you just don’t like and that the media won’t report to you.

They didn’t like it because he doesn’t have executive privilege.

Bannon fucked himself. And you know it.