Amazing how we've all been neutered, isn't it?

Look how dead this board is with two days to go before taking on the #1 team in the country. Very little activity. It’s like we’ve all been punished and sent to our room and we’re waiting for dad to come home from work. :smile:

19.5 point dogs and no one giving us any shot. It’s not even being discussed anywhere like it could be a game. Only question is does Alabama cover and will it be easy for them to do so.

15 years of suckage will do that. I used to be optimistic for these kinds of games. No more. I just hope we keep it respectable and come out of it with no major injuries.

If we were to pull the upset - obviously a huge deal. We will see.

The quiet before the storm :wink:


I thought the same thing

Its game week fellas

Let’s Go!!!


To be fair, it’s a new board that doesn’t have the same attendance. Hopefully we’ll build it up this season.

On my way to Atlanta now. Hoping we can shock the world, but I’ll settle for a close game.


Enjoy the game, Dallas. Go Canes!


For the record, Canes51 WILL NOT be present at this game.

I do have season tickets though, so, we’re probably screwed. :rofl:

I thought you broke that curse?

Im pulling for VT tonight. Having UNC start off with a division loss would be great.

As for the Bama game, everything points to a loss EXCEPT we have King and some potential talent that could really help to keep us in the game.

I see a 38-17 type Bama win

Bet canes. It’s in the bag now. :laughing:

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Yeah I did - I think it was when we beat UF last. It’s still come up as a joke over the years.


So much nicer taking about football than all the other crap going on in the world now.

I’d accept a 21 point loss. Last year, they had a couple “close” games with UF being 6 points with 2 others at 15 pt victories and ND at 17pts. I mean, 21 is less than the OSU vs Bama championship game.

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I see a Clemson-like collapse. I don’t believe our defense can stop the run, which is the first goal of any defense. Alabama has four RBs better than any of ours, and their QB is also a threat to rush the football. Lately, when we play good teams, our beat downs are in the ignominious category. I think Bama covers the spread, even though Nick Saban is not one to run-up the score. We should have a lot to complain about after the game. It’s almost a rule of thumb that college teams cannot beat pro teams, and Alabama is the nearest thing to a pro team in college football. I’m afraid it will an inglorious afternoon for the Hurricanes.

Will be in Atlanta.

Hoping this is like the Trajan Bandy ND game.

Believing this is like the Clemson game that got Al canned

Go canes


Usually, I watch the game over in my camp in Alabama. I won’t be there on Saturday. I am so sick and tired of “Roll Tide” rednecks that I won’t subject myself to torture on the TV screen while being surrounded by them.

The biggest mistake ever made by the University of Miami was not hiring Mike Leach. Wherever he’s been he has created fan participation. His zaniness would have worked well in Miami. Miami would have flourished with Leach at the helm. Offensive players would have flocked to the program, and he’d have filled the stadium just as he did in both in Lubbock and Pullman which aren’t exactly football epicenters. Interestingly, Leach’s Mississippi state team has more new transfers than any SEC team. MSU is not supposed to have a strong year, but Leach will win a game MSU is not supposed to win, and under Leach MSU eventually will become a title contender just like WSU in the Pac 12. ’

Briefly, Miami got back into the limelight with a gimmick, the Turnover Chain. If the turnover chain focused attention on Miami, think what a Mike Leach coaching stint would have done.

We could have used a Pirate Patch :pirate_flag: ! I’m a big Leach fan and agree for the most part. Diaz has been smart enough to hire some really good assistants this year. It is his money year so he better not have a Golden Clemson game.

I don’t even think this is possible. Time will tell. I’d like to see anyone be a thorn in Saban’s side. The only guy who might have had a chance was Hugh Freeze and they put the hammer down on that pretty quick. Again, I’d love to see it but I don’t think that’ll come close to happening. Better chance Leach is fired soon, I’d say. I don’t love him as a coach. Yes, he’ll win a game he shouldn’t. He’ll also lose a couple he shouldn’t.

Leach is getting owned in the sec. Imjustsayin’

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