A Perfect Explanation

Every once in a while, we luckily witness perfection. Perfection for example occurred during President Trump’s telephone call to the Ukrainian president. Now, we have another example of perfection, this time in the form of an interview with the redoubtable Col. Douglas Macgregor, for it is Macgregor who best explains the conflict occurring in Ukraine. Perhaps this post reaches the threshold of being perfect.

Just look what Biden has done to America in just one year’s time.

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You mean the guy who went on Russian state TV and called for the annexation of Dunbas? The guy who said Russia was being too soft on Ukraine and Russia has the right to any part of Ukraine it wanted?

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Macgregor appeared on three Fox News programs to speak in support of Russia’s actions. Russian state television broadcast excerpts of Macgregor’s appearances, which included a characterization of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy as a “puppet,” that Russian forces had been “too gentle” in the early days of the invasion and that Russian president Vladimir Putin was being “demonized” by the United States and NATO. Macgregor said he believed Russia should be allowed to seize whatever parts of Ukraine it wanted. After one of his appearances, Macgregor’s comments were characterized by veteran Fox News Pentagon correspondent Jennifer Griffin as “appeasement” and that he was being an “apologist” for Putin. After Griffin’s remarks, Tucker Carlson — who hosted Macgregor on two successive nights — remarked, “Unlike many of the so-called reporters you see on television, he is not acting secretly as a flack for Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon. No, Doug Macgregor is an honest man.” Trey Gowdy, another Fox News host who interviewed Macgregor, said his viewpoint was “stunning and disappointing.”[35][36][37][38] U.S. representative Liz Cheney said of Macgregor “This is the Putin wing of the GOP.”[39]

You, like this piece of shit, are traitors to the United States. I suspect you always have been. Not a shred of integrity nor patriotism in your body, much less honesty.

The interview was absolute perfection. Macgregror is a great American. A perfect interview.

Getting used to perfection is becoming a lot easier these days with the raw honesty of Col Macgregor, but great perfection is often seen on Tucker’s show on Fox. Americans recognize honesty and it is one of the prime reasons for Tucker being the most popular op ed news reporter in the country. Much of this is reaction to the unexpurgated hate spawned by the left. No sooner do I post a terrific interview than a hatemonger pops up to denigrate the reputation of the interviewee. Nothing is more blistering to those who purvey hate than truth, and it is the left that engages in the politics of slandering, cancelling, and censoring. For years, I’ve made the pronouncement that the fascists among us are on the left. Let me add hatred to this pronouncement, for surely they are the true purveyors of hatred among us.

We will not let hate win.

Bikki doubling down on the hate now. Perfection.

Nah, he’s just dishonest to his core. Nothing more to it. Old boomers like this fella are obsessed with trolling the world on their way out and trying to burn as much of the earth as possible. It’s somehow in their generation’s dna. He’s part of and emblematic of the worst generation in the history of the country, I’d suggest the earth. At not point has a generation been so self indulgent, self interested, and acted as much as a swarm of locusts on the planet in every possible way as the boomers are.

Bikki isn’t special. I know several guys around his age the exact same. They remind me of the Joker, to be candid. They just want to watch it all burn on their way out of life

You really need to knock off this character assassination shit.

Just because someone disagrees with you or derives a different conclusion from the same data, doesn’t make them by default, a liar. It’s becoming tiresome to hear you constantly moralize your opponent.

He’s pointing out facts, GSClown.

Disagreements are fine, Axis Sally has no rationality outside of his ideology of hate.


Then Axis Sally invents a new job description on his resume every time he posts.

There isn’t an ounce of truth in any sentence he writes.

You really need to suck my dick.

Do I see you saying the same shit to Skeeter who’s attacking people’s kids and calling people’s mother a whore?

It’s becoming tiresome watching your hypocrisy and you fucking whining, ya fucking dishonest, immoral, no integrity having bitch!

How’s that, fucktard, snowflake, bitch!

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Listen- @skeeter sometimes gets a bit too animated, I think he’ll admit that…. But he is also perceiving being attacked and censored.

It’s different than just disagreeing with someone’s view and attacking them for it.

You also need to cut out the gay stuff. I don’t roll that way partner. If that’s your style, cool. To each his own.

So what. You’re a hypocrite. You’ve never once said a fucking word about the shit he’s saying. You think he’s justified in doing so.

Sure, and attacking people’s kids and saying go fuck your whore mother? Go fuck yourself, hypocrite.

Again, you can suck my dick. I don’t need to do a god damn thing. You can like it or leave. Go fuck yourself. You’re the one who’s obsessed with transgenders and gays. I think you’re terrified dicks are delicious.

Obviously not, jack-off. That’s why you started the whole conversation to begin with.

You’re trying to censor me. This is cancel culture :rofl:.I believe you have said MANY TIMES on here that you believe in absolute free speech. You don’t want anyone censored. GO FUCK YOURSELF SNOWFLAKE. Don’t like it? Cry in the corner.

Like every other example you’ve given, you’re a hypocrite, have no actual convictions, and are basically nothing if not full of shit.

The worst thing you do Warden is throw around the “racist” epithet. There are no racists on this board. I frequently criticize black culture, but so does Thomas Sowell. Does that make Sowell a racist. Blacks have learned that their most powerful cudgel is to infer racism even when the circumstances are absurd or criminal in nature, like racism underllying police finding Louisiana Congressman Jefferson having a freezer compartment in his refrigerator filled with $100 bills.

What strains your credibility is the horrendous job Biden is doing, especially when measured against the many and varied achievement of Donald Trump. Neither Kamala nor Pelosi are in any way impressive either. Kamala will never outlive her indiscretion with Willie Brown whom she played to gain political power, and Nancy’s entire family has done nothing but benefit from what appears to be extreme insider trading. It must be frustrating to you that none of the liberal literati are unable to find anything Trump did for which he might be indicted. Trump, it turns out, is much the Boy Scout. In contrast, Biden is a hair sniffing perv. Perhaps, Warden, you should put forth some of the miraculous achievements of Biden if there are any at all which I doubt. Your’re critical of conservatives., but your team, the one that dwells on a higher moral plane, does nothing but fail at everything. Under Trump I suppose we got to used to winning.

I don’t think Bikki’s a Boomer. He’s from the Silent Generation. They’re like Generation X to the larger Millennials, before the Boomers.

Just like all young people aren’t Millennials, all old people aren’t Boomers.

But bikki DOESN’T simply disagree, he repeats the same propaganda over and over. Warden is spot-on about bikki’s disingenuous trolling. He’s the type of person what wants to convince people of a narrative, truth be damned.

Yes, we know skeeter has a victim complex. That’s not an excuse.

I’m not saying it’s an excuse. I’m saying the intent is different. Skeeter isn’t just lashing out because someone disagrees with his views. He has a sense that someone is gunning for him and he’s standing up for himself. We can debate if there is a better way for him to do that but that’s a different conversation.

Skeeter knows he goes overboard, and isn’t proud of it.

But I’m dealing with assholes…And there’s no victim complex about it…Some of you are fucking assholes, just plain and simple. 51’s behavior on this board is inexcusable on this board. And warden came on this board trolling from day 1.

And for the record, I never said I’d attack a kid. In Vegas for a few days, haven’t been on much, and probably won’t be rest of week. Carry on.

305, Pretend that what I write is truth and what you believe is propaganda. If that premise were true, would I be a troll or a savant? And you? I think you’d then have to admit, due to naivete, being the troll. Listen to the Col Macgregor interview about Ukraine. He’s actually telling the truth, and the truth has liberals heads exploding.

The worst posts appearing on these message boards are by liberals who believe they operate on a higher moral plane than others resorting to calling others racists. There are no racists on this message board. I get called a racist because I have serious criticism of black culture as well as black racism Thomas Sowell often has the same criticisms. Is Thomas Sowell a racist?

joking of violence?

[quote=“GardenStateCane, post:14, topic:3837”]
Skeeter isn’t just lashing out because someone disagrees with his views. He has a sense that someone is gunning for him and he’s standing up for himself.

You were saying?

Wow…Look at me destroying these liberal cultists meltdowns over the last year or so…Thanks for posting this thread Warden.

The rest is reaction to their behavior…Djrion has always been an asshole on this board…Never treated anyone with respect.

And you’ve been a partisan troll on this board from day…Why shouldn’t you be told to go fuck your whore mother?

And there you go, from the unhinged grub worm, himself…

GSC - you were saying?