4th quarter nonsense can't be excused

-You can’t run 3 times and kick from the 4…That’s bad. I don’t mind throwing only once (even if you get sacked)…But 3 runs starting at the 10??? And then there’s just no reason to kick there down 14…From the 10, 12, 15? OK sure…No reason to kick from inside the 5.

  • With 4:40ish left…AGAINST A 3 MAN rush. TVD decides to tuck it and run for 5? That’s inexcusable stupidity on his part. BUT…The coaches should have screamed at him that you have to throw it deep, that has to be last thing you tell him…And the play call has to have that built in (language, etc) You throw deep…PI/Reception/Incomplete/and yes even INT down the field are better than what happened…The clock stopping after thet play is just as important as these 5% chance you have to get the 1st down without any penalty. ESPECIALLY when (drumroll)…

  • YOU RUN THE FUCKING CLOCK down to 5 seconds to punt (GET ON THE FIELD AND FUCKING PUNT!! You are running out of time)

-And if all this wasn’t bad enough…You go OUT OF YOUR WAY to line up illegally. minute down the drain there


There were some good things too. But ST/So-so QB play/Drops/4Q idiodicy lost this game for us. We were slightly better in the 1h…Tamu was better int he 3rd quarter. But you can’t shit yourself with those decisions in the 4th quarter. You had a chance to tie or win.


Pretty sure Cristobal hits on 17. Awful strategic game.

Has to be one of the most lopsided losses given the stats. Put that into a computer and we win 95% of the time. This is on the coaches.

Also…does TVD know you can step up in the pocket??

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Ehhh it wasn’t quite like that. All our stats were in the last 10 minutes. Going into late 3rd/early 4th, the yardage was close but they were about .7ish yards per play better if I recall correctly.

Actually I just checked it…Post game win expectancy was Tamu 84%…Which is only slightly high for an 8 point win

I understand the point you are trying to make. It’s just not quite the extreme you are making it out to be.

390 yards and 9 points.

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Special teams and red zone

Is Franklin hurt or suspended? How does he not atleast get a carry or two from inside the 5.

Hell everybody else did on that series!


I forgot about TVD having a run on second and goal. My goodness lol

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If you would have told me we go for 176 at 4.8 ypr…I would have liked our chances

Just some really really dumb shit from players and coaches.

TVD ain’t no runner.

If dickhead doesn’t fumble that punt, a different game. He gifted ATM a touchdown.

But, it sounds like everyone agrees the play calling was way too safe. No end zone shots, not much downfield passing? Not gonna end well.

I did not think the play calling was terrible for 3rd quarters…Would I have changed a couple things? Yes. Couple more 1st down passes for instance

4th quarter play calling, execution, play calling, time management were very bad

And I agree TVD does not look comfortable. There were times in the 3rd and 4th where I thought he picked things up. And he did hit Smith right in the facemask to keep the final drive going.

They scored 9 points. I rest my case about the play calling. :grinning:

It was a bad play by Stevenson but it really shouldn’t have mattered. Miami gave up 17 points and less than 300 yards of offense. In the ranking of things that contributed to this loss, the muffed punt probably isn’t in the top 4.

Play calling in the redzone was bad
The drops
Redding? not scoring on the play when it was 17-3. Led to the bad play balls that made it 17-6.
Somehow not recovering TAMU’s muffed punt.
The blocked FG.

Did Miami have any three and outs on offense tonight? If so, maybe just one?

A. that’s a good defense they were against.

B. And our talent overall on offense is decent but not great.

C. Some of it was execution (drops were ridiculous in 1st half) before that awful decision to kick late 3rd

But I’m not disagreeing or defending it for sure. Just didn’t think it was terrible for 1st 3, albeit at times predictable with 1st down runs.

Oh that’s definitely wrong. The dropped punt was a HUGE reason we lost this game.

It was George…Agree 1000%. He got indecisive with his cut and led to a guy getting pushed into his knees. Gotta score there.

Still had 49 minutes to overcome it. Yes, down 10-3 is different than 3-3 but we are talking about a play that happened in the first quarter. And it still was just a one possession game after the turnover.

If after that play, I was able to tell everyone here that Texas A&M would only score 7 more points in the last three quarters, who wouldn’t have taken those odds in Miami winning this game?

The game didn’t spiral out of control after the turnover. That’s why I’m more critical of the other things that led to the loss.

Ehhh…I would have felt good, but definitely not a lock. I know they are a really good defense and Fisher is very good at protecting a lead.

Couple other points:

  • I know no Restrepo. But what’s wrong with Jacolby George, Malik Curtis, or. Brashard Smith as punt returners?

  • Is Frank Ponce stealing money?

  • DJ Ivey played a good game…He’s had a shit career, but played well. Thought whole secondary played well. James Williams still can’t stop getting flagged, but he was all over the field. Leonard Taylor was excellent.

  • Tamu punter was excellent.

  • Loved that we ran to the line and ran a play before it could be reviewed.