10,000 The Movie?

Trump Had More Than 300 Classified Documents at Mar-a-Lago https://nyti.ms/3dJgMD7

And there still might be more?

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That article is a pretty even-headed sequence of events leading up to the whole thing. The DOJ’s actions sound reasonable to me.

And he argues that he declassified all 300 before leaving office…. Which, as president, he has full authority to do.

I’m definitely interested to see what they have.

It could be really bad for Trump.

But if it’s not…not a good look for the FBI and it would seem to be a massive backfire.

I’ve said it early on that we need to see the affidavit. We still have no idea what they are going after.

It certainly has the appearance of being a fishing expedition to find anything they can charge him with. Is it nuclear codes? That seems to be a false report. What is it?

What’s the quote, give me the person and I’ll find the crime.

Furthermore, do you trust anything from the DOJ or FBI at this point given the political nature of those organizations?

Hypothetically, even if he waved a magic wand and declassified every document in the entire United States, certainly you can understand how and why this would be terrible, I hope (even though I’m doubtful you actually care).

Espionage Act would be tested in court, even if, hypothetically he waved s magic wand. National security should be protected OVER declassified sensitive documents.

You go from rationale:

To manic

And this is why warden roasts you as a bobble head. You must have watched some conservative show in-between posts is all I can think.

"Having carefully reviewed the Affidavit before signing the Warrant, I was — and am — satisfied that the facts sworn by the affiant are reliable,” ~ Judge Reinhart

Raising it with redactions may render the affidavit “meaningless gibberish.”~ Judge Reinhart

Yes, we trust in our government instituitons, especially the FBI.

Then show the Affidavit.

Show me the Precedent first when national security is involved.

Show me where you have clamored for it before your orange boyfriend.

Laughing stock :rofl:


She was even appointed by Trump…

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Tell me why Merrick Garland was debating the raid weeks prior to the actual raid if National Security was involved?

You are Warden continue to slurp from the discredited media over and over.

You think you’d get tired of being wrong and lied to.

Keep going back to the well.

Oh lord, the irony of this statement…

All of a sudden, huh?

And who’s “we”?

Except there’s no record of it because he didn’t actually do that. It’s an important distinction.

Nuclear codes was never the report. Information related to nuclear capability, yes.

Furthermore, do you trust anything from Trump given his political nature?

I have healthy levels of skepticism of both.

But Trump has been proven right on a lot of shenanigans by our government institutions and they have been exposed as overly political.

That and the timing and appearance of this give me reason to be skeptical again.

No, he actually hasn’t. You just don’t display any critical thinking skills in any way, and do not look into anything. You merely accept the spoonfed narrative and literally ignore anything that disputes it…like a puppy.

I know you like to repeat yourself like a broken record but we all have documentation of the shenanigans.

Have an honest moment with yourself for once.

Again, the irony of your statement is astounding. Not often, but sometimes I meet someone so overwhelmingly unable to have any introspective thought, whatsoever…but, you are a true pioneer.

Dunning Kruger, bud. You should have a t-shirt.


It is ironic that we see each other the same way.