Zona govenor

I wouldn’t have bet Zona…nice to see balls and common sense. Albeit foolishly late and so much unnecessary (at least if you weren’t profiting off of covid) damage done.

Profiting off of covid. Lmfao skeeter so butt hurt. That’s why he’s renamed Skeeter.

Covid got skeeter. Changed his weak personality over night. Lmfao

He actually edited this post :point_up_2: and it still reads the way it does. Think about that.

Actually, never edited. Think about that.

Except there’s a pencil with “1” next to it. So the site says you’re a liar.

Watch this… you are correct. It’s the super moderator that edited you.

@Stormfront can you imagine?

My apologies Djrion… you were edited. It wasn’t you.

Imagine thinking no one is profiting off of covid?!? Then imagine thinking Covid han’t aided the left in pushing their delusional “noble” causes.

When the normal joe isn’t allowed to bury their father, but thousands are allowed at 3 different George Floyd national funerals that was a little bit of a tip-off.

When every sentence out of Biden, John Kerry, etc… mouth is “covid really showed is that we need this and we need that…”

This covid was awful convenient!!! phewwww…thank god for covid