You guys support this shit

Complete destruction because they don’t like his thoughts.

Because his thoughts can influence men to be better men.

Take away his ducking Uber rights. The matrix pushes one button and it’s over.

Hopefully it never happens to you or someone you love.

So, he says he was silenced! They took away EVERYTHING!!! One matrix button pushed and it’s ALL GONE!!! HE’S CANCELLED!!! Then, he admits he can just make another account.

What a painful experience he had to go through…breaking the terms of service and then getting held accountable and having to create a NEW account so he can call an Uber. Of course, the only evidence to this is Andrew Tate. What horror!!!


A reminder of who your hero is


As we’ve said with Trump and others, you’re obviously a prime target. Tate is a strong man for weak men, just like Trump. He’s perfect for someone like you

Lol- imagine rationalizing that being banned on every platform is ok because you can crate fake accounts under aliases until they find those and ban them.

Lol- imagine thinking that if you don’t follow rules you shouldn’t be banned.

What rules in the Uber terms of service did the man violate?

Here’s the funny thing that you don’t even know. The guy didn’t even have his own social media accounts. They banned him and he wasn’t even a user.

Is there any reference of him being banned on uber besides him? His comments in that video are sketch because he says he made another account, and then he apologizes to “uber country”, and then he avoid a direct question on if they banned him.

What does this mean? If he didn’t have his own accounts then what are you complaining about?

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  1. Why would he lie.
  2. Why would there need to be an additional source?

Tate was an interesting case because he didn’t have a channel where he pumped content. He created some sort of affiliate marketing channel where he trained people to share his content to make it go viral. He may have technically had accounts but if he did, none of his content originated there. You can still see all of his content because the “Tate amplifiers” are still around and operational.

What I’m saying here, the point that I’m making is, how could he violate the terms of service when he wasn’t actively making content on these sites?

Effectively Tate content are citations. They are like news stories or tv syndication.

PS- the only account that I can see he had where he pushed any content was Instagram.

No tiktok, no Facebook, etc….

The guy is being lambasted for simply having an opinion that others find valuable and share virally.

It’s out of control.



I’m not necessarily saying he lied, but he kind of dodged the clarifying questions about it.

But not only that, you yourself asked what Uber terms of service he violated. If, for example, we read Uber’s side of this, that may answer your question, no?

Are you saying Tate Confidential and Tate Speech on YouTube weren’t his?

The answer is it doesn’t matter… If a YouTube channel violated ToS and was ultimately banned, does it matter if Tate technically ran it or not? I don’t get the distinction.

The bannings happened based on actual usage of the accounts.

because he’s a scumbag in every sense of the word and his entire constituency are victim players

because he’s a piece of trash

That’s false. He had his own accounts on all of the platforms listed except Twitch, where he deleted it beforehand. On Twitch, if you get banned, anyone also posting your videos will get banned as well and you can’t come back from that. So, he deleted his account beforehand to avoid the ban. Beyond that, he run what is essentially an MLM where he promised riches to those who would post his videos and drive more people to Hustler’s University, which he shut down as well.

On Instagram and Meta, he was banned for violating terms of service, hate speech. He admitted in the interview he understood their bans entirely.
He was banned from Tik Tok, a Chinese company based in China, for misogyny.
He was banned from Youtube for violating terms of service, hate speech.

Break the rules, get banned. That’s life. You have no right to force a private corporation to violate their terms of service because you think you have the right to their product.

He was. You’re incorrect. Also, his videos were being posted by others.

Are they now? Like when he talked about his girl being his property so she has to pay him her wages, like he’s a pimp? Or when he talked about how he’d murder a woman after choking her if she tried to break up with him? Those are “news stories”?

Each private company has terms of service, which if you break, you’re disciplined. Period.

You have an overwhelming and consistent problem that we don’t live in an authoritarian system and private companies get to run themselves.

You quest for authoritarianism and penchant for denying all responsibilities for any actions you support is terrible, and shows you can’t stand this country, can’t stand freedom, and you have some serious issues in terms of how you were raised and who you became. A man who can’t understand responsibility for one’s own actions is not a man, he’s a little boy with behavior problems.