Is out, foot injury. UGH

Not good at all. Other receivers really need to step up. And can we get Mallory involved this season?

This has been quite alarming. 2 catches for 21 yards so far this season…

He was targeted 4 times in the USM game, and had 0 catches.
I thought Gattis was a big TE guy?

Braschard Smith is a very capable replacement for Restrepo. Smith is also used on rushing plays. Very quick, elusive runner.

To win this game, Miami needs to get at least 150 yards via the rushing game. I look for lots of two TE formations. App State while having a smaller offensive line put on a clinic drive blocking. Mario wants physicality. We’ll see whether our guys are up to the task.


Mallory is trash. Consistantly does NOTHING out there.

I thought he played well last year.

Too many drops, dissapears in big games, hit and miss blocking. I WANT him to be good, but it would have shown by now! I will happily eat crow if he magically shows out this weekend, but I bet we see him do zilch.

TVD will be forced to throw to another receiver. Life changing???

Mallory has put on some weight and perhaps some strength. He’s a terrible blocker; I like Arroyo much better. Mallory has a lot to prove if he’s going to be first on the depth chart. If they’re not going to throw to the guy, put in the game someone who at least who can block. I wouldn’t as yet go so far as to say Mallory is trash. Seems a bit harsh, and he did make a few good plays last season. So far this season, he hasn’t shown up yet.


So Xavier can possible be back by the FSU game? Not great for us that he’s out six weeks.

But Mallory never does anything. He is not a gamechanger.