X Horror Trilogy

I thought it was weird when I saw 2 movie banners next to each other that both had women holding an ax with an X in the background. It turns out they’re related.

I just watched X and it’s a pretty neat slasher. It’s a 70s-inspired grindhouse flick about a group of people making a porno on an old farm before antics ensue. It delivers on the premise pretty well and introduces a new level of creep I haven’t quite seen in a horror movie.

It turns out the lookalike movie is a prequel they made at the same time, although that one is a musical, and there’s a sequel in development that will be an ode to 80s VHS.

A great mix of artsy, campy, creepy, slasher fun.

It’s a trilogy?? I saw X, but had no idea it was a trilogy.

It was different for sure. Agree on the creep factor.

It was originally being filmed as one movie, but during production, due to delays, they came up with a side project and made a prequel.

X Spoilers:

In X, the same actress plays the main character AND the killer. So the prequel is the same actress, young again, in 1918.

I haven’t seen the prequel yet but, being a musical, it’s not as compelling to me.

The third movie is not out yet but will be a true sequel.

I stay away from “heroine tales.”

You’d hate watching movies with me. I criticize the whole way through.

Lol, I criticize story dynamics a lot. Like when things don’t make sense or a character is acting against their motivations I will talk some shit. Warden mentioned that movie Us being full of plot holes and I couldn’t agree more.

What is a heroine tale? Is it just a female main character? It’s sort of classic in slasher films for their to be a “final girl.” Like in Scream.

Yea- female heros for some reason are all the rage now. Not believable…. When they are done in a physical way…. Not necessarily if it’s done in an emotional or intellectual way.

I just can’t watch a story line of a bad bitch beating up all the guys.

This movie’s an ode to the 70s so it’s not about a kickass heroine or anything. In fact, slasher films usually star women for the OPPOSITE reason - they are more physically vulnerable so there’s a lot more tension.

I absolutely LOVED these two movies and look forward to the final one, the story of Maxine. A24 just makes great films. We even bought some of the screenplays from them last Christmas - for Ex Machina, Hereditary and Midsommer

I’m not shocked by that at all, actually. An aversion to tales of strong, courageous or daring women and a constant criticism. On par, I’d say

Right, right…because there’s no historical evidence of physically strong or courageous women, right? There might be some therapy needed on your end for some real deep issues.

Rather than listing women throughout history who’ve been great warriors, let’s go another route: If you can fight Amanda Nunez and walk away, I’ll yield to your…um…“masculinity.” Seems pretty fragile as it stands now.


Hell, Thug Rose is 5’5 and 125 lbs. Shit, you walk out of the cage without being put to sleep and I’ll tattoo your name on my ass.

The funny thing is, this isn’t a “heroine” movie. Anyone can stab you in the neck if you’re not expecting it. She doesn’t have to be a “woke” “heroine” to do it. The “heroine” in X is a women about 85 who can barely walk.

I’ll tell you what- the next time you’re stuck in a burning building on the 10th floor, ask them to send a woman firefighter to come get you.

I understand that this idea makes you feel good but 99.999% of women aren’t up for the hero roles.

The curious part is you relate heroism with physical strength, a very superficial concept of heroism. We have overwhelmingly different concepts of heroism, apparently.

I checked it out and I see two mainstay definitions of a hero

  • In mythology and legend, a man, often of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for his bold exploits, and favored by the gods.

  • A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life.

I tend to think moreso of definition 2. The more I thought about it, from my perspective, there are a few key characteristics of heroism. First, it’s performed in service to others in need; or in defense of certain ideals. Second, it is engaged in voluntarily. Even in the context of a military campaign, heroism is typically defined as going beyond something that is required. Third, a heroic act is done with the knowledge that there are risks associated and the hero is willing to accepted the anticipated sacrifice.

So, "a concern for other people in need, a concern to defend a moral cause, knowing there are personal risks, and done without expectation of reward.

Potentially, you and I see heroism quite differently. Maybe yours is more associated with the first definition, “a mythical man, of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great strength and courage, celebrated for his bold exploits, and favored by the Gods.” Potentially, your version of a hero is more resembling Hercules, Achilles, Theseus, Perseus…or maybe He-Man, Optimus Prime or Lion-O from Thundercats…or maybe Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, or The Undertaker. They are physically strong, manly heroes from comics, Saturday morning cartoons, wrestling and Greek Mythology.

I tend to think of heroes from a more realistic perspective that involves less physical strength or testosterone, and more risking themselves for others in the face of danger, for those other people and not for personal glory or payment. I don’t think women are less heroic, less sacrificing, or inherently more evil or immoral than men. Good conversation, though. Maybe the next one we have is about some men’s fragile male ego.

lol- warden- go reread my original post. I specified that intellectual and emotion heroism in fine with.

Intellectual heroism and emotional heroism? Again, you have odd qualifications in your heroism definitions. I could be wrong, but based upon the definitions, there appears to be fictional heroism…He-Man and Hulk Hogan, and then real heroism which you then qualify with “intellectual and emotional heroism.”

Kind of weird, dude. Kind of weird.

Yea- a hero that outsmarts his/her adversary

A hero that wins the audience through love, compassion, or some other emotional attribute.

That shit is believable. What isn’t believable is a woman that kicks the shit out of every guy.

Maybe you should think beyond cartoons, movies and mythology and more deeply about heroism and potentially the fragile male ego. Dunno, just a thought.

Or maybe I’ll stick to reality where the vast majority of military, police, fire, and other similar roles are male dominated.

I have a few buddies in the military that laugh when women are brought up. Are there the few outliers? Sure. But this in your face feminist agenda that screams out #femalepower is ridiculous. It’s not believable.

The funny part is X isn’t even a heroine tale. But, reading about your inner fears and tender, frail, little ego was worth the discussion. The only person she fights or kills is another woman who’s about 90.
It’s okay to watch it…you can even bring your blanky.


Still have a ways to go.

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me too.