Would You Believe, Wacko Left Considers MLK a Racist

Yesterday, we as a nation celebrated the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. whose most famous words echoed the standard that humans be judged: not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. His words have been enduring because they are universally true and just. However, today Marxist Democrats refute Dr. King’s statement.

In her article in Psychology Today, Dr. Monica T. Williams writes that " colorblindness alone is not sufficient to heal racial wounds on a national or personal level. It is only a half-measure that in the end operates as a form of RACISM (emphasis added)." Hence, according to Dr. Williams words, were MLK alive today, he would likely be expelled from the civil rights movement.
What Dr. Williams is advocating is none other than CRT that has the underlying premise that supremacist white persons must subsidize persons of color in perpetuity for sins of their ancestors while people of color are eternal victims incapable of making it on their own. This is wrongheaded thinking of the highest order. Judging people by skin color is inherently wrong. Stereotyping people by race is RACISM!

This is an example how the wacko Marxist left foments anarchy by making outrageous inferences such as war is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. And Martin Luther King was a racist.

Small wonder, Democrats still retaining some sense, are flocking to the Republican Party as a party of sanity. At this juncture the Dems will be slaughtered during the interim elections.

It’s time to pass a law to deport massive numbers of undesirable illegal aliens. That too will come when the Republicans taken over.

Get ready for the Wall Street correction. With this moron in the White House, perception will change, money tightened, and stocks will swoon. Perception affects the stock market. Runaway inflation could take America into bankruptcy, incapable of supporting the burden of debt service on its trillions in debt. It is particularly damaging to common folk. Look for the middle class to grow smaller. Crime will flourist until a Republican president is elected. Owning large homes will become the province of the well-heeled only. The era of the microl home is about to beset America. America needs to make it illegal for foreigners to own large farms or large food production companies. It is a wonderful time for those of us who own land. Buy all the land you can afford…

Says the guy who claims black people are criminals.

False. Ms. Williams is a single individual and not responsible for the classification or inclusion of persons within or accounting for the civil rights movement. Also, she never said anything regarding inclusion but only gave her opinion on colorblindness.

False. Ms. Williams never mentioned CRT.

False. A lie about what CRT

Says the guy who stereotypes black people as criminals


Yeah, totally false. Hence the election results.

Sure it will

Due to GOP policies for decades

Most of the GOP candidates are under investigation, both state and federal

It already is due to decades of boomers destroying the country like the locusts they are

Super, but that would be counter to GOP policy since the 60s

Only boomers can afford it. See the aforementioned locusts discussion

I’ve never seen him say that once…Stop ad libbing

And no one cares about your far left fairy tail links…Wake up partisan sheep

I wrote exactly what CRT is with regard to what is being taught in public schools. I don’t need you Warden to explain what it is to me inasmuch as I went to law school and studied the topic likely before you were hatched.The arcane discussion of CRT in law school has nothing whatsoever to do with the racist crap being promulgated by social science light weights. I explained well the current iteration and application of CRT in my post.

Many shrink away from the subject of black crime which is ubiquitous in large Democrat Party governed cities. They pretend it does not exist, or worse, they ignore it. They change legal practices always lowering the standards of acceptable citizen comportment. In California, shoplifting is no longer a crime. I have no sympathy for thugs, their skin pigment being immaterial. The standard of judgment is character content.

Many Democrats are disgusted by their political party and support rational conservative ideas as opposed to radical leftist malarkey. Smarter people value individual liberty and private ownership of property. They are builders and the creators of prosperity and deserved wealth. And, yes, people are moving to red states due to mismanagement of blue states by Democrat pols.

You’d think, Warden, that now the Democrats are in total control of the executive and legislative branches, we’d be transitioning into a period of unparalleled prosperity. Just look at the difference between the success of the Trump years and the miserable first year of Biden? Trump was such a refreshing change interspersing between two failed presidents, Obama, worst president in history and Biden who may unseat Obama at the bottom of the barrel.

He’s part of a cult Bikki…Joy Reid told him what CRT was and he obediently listens

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100% a lie. CRT is not being taught in public schools.

Doubtful, you’re a pathological liar.

Another lie.

A lie. You’ve clearly stated black men are criminals.

2 impeachments, an insurrection, a coup attempt, double digit unemployment, the executive branch interfearing with the CDC, NOAA, and the Justice Department, the largest economic drop since the Great Depression, handed over the Middle East to Turkey and Russia, attacking our allies while allying with authoritarians throughout the world, putting NK on a stage and legitimizing their standing, a President who defends North Korea after they murder an American citizen, and the largest espionage failure in the history of the country all with the President defending the culprit and even inviting them into our infrastructure. That’s why your Trump is listed at the bottom of Presidents by historians along with Andrew Johnson and James Buchanan. In fact, I haven’t seen him listed as second to last as worst in history.

You’re a locust, have been all your life. Very little honesty, just a basic racist old man who wants to troll the world on his way out.

Just as I have said over and over. Young black males commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes, in particular, murder. And, these crimes are disproportionately being committed in large Democrat-governed cities. Warden apparently has trouble with the word “disproportionate.” One needs only to read Heath Mac Donald’s works to validate my premises.

Contrary to what Warden thinks, it is not racism to be outraged by black criminality. Hate crimes against against Asians is almost exclusively a crime committed by African Americans. This is true racism.

I stand by my commentary about CRT since I obviously know more about the subject than does Warden. My commentary has to do with its application by social science lightweights and how it negatively affects race relations in our schools. It’s practice is wholly racist and should not be part of public school curricula. I don’t give a rat’s ass about its theory as presented in law schools.

The left is attempting to take America down a socialist pathway, always emphasizing what is wrong with America. When it comes to the governance of nations, America stands stratospherically above all others. This is what should be imparted to youth that they should appreciate individual liberty and freedoms endowed by a Creator, not by government.

Who let’s ideology rule his soul