William Olson Memo to Herr Trump

The New York Times: How William Olson, Right-Wing Lawyer, Pitched Trump on a 2020 Election Plot.

At some point you’d think something would have to go right for the people who attempted a coup and those ardent, dismissive worshippers of the false idol (yes, you will have to answer to your jesus eventually).

Instead, the hole keeps getting deeper and deeper and deeeeeeepeeeeeeer.

I’ll just continue to sit back and exclaim, " I told you so " from pre-day 1.

You keep saying coup but us on this side simply see it as taking measures to expose election fraud and right the grievous harm done on this country.

Or just couple hours worth of what we seen 3-4 months of summer '20

Absolute fucking hypocrites.

I can’t help it if you continue to ignore the reality of the legal system that tossed your trash out a million times already. Beyond fucked up that you are still a HABITUAL liar.

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You’re still a fat dork with that ridiculous goatee…And your mother is still a dirty piece of shit fucking whore. So there’s that

Trump was the victim of a swindle committed by liberal zealots. The election was rigged. Sane humans know this. Mathematical probability of results confirm fraud. The fraud occurred late at night when the polls suddenly closed at the same time, and then Biden became the most popular man on the planet Earth. Smart people are not going to swallow this nonsense. They see the press frustrating investigation of the election. They have George Soros forking over money devoted to ending peace and tranquility in America and creating a cabal of young anarchists.

We need a Trump clean up in Washington. In his next term, the Deep State will be crushed and sanity will begin to reign again in this nation. Real Americans reject liberalism because liberalism has a failing record. What other president satisfied so many promises he made while running for office. Yes, he actually did make America great, all of which has been nearly undone by a cretinist Delaware chowderhead.

Trump of course is the most maligned man in the history of the world. No one’s life has been scruitinized as closely as his. And he has been exonerated time and again. Not even Putin is hated more than our truly great 45th president. Only Derrick Chauvin who is also totally innocent is hated as much as Donald Trump. Chauvin broke no laws whatsoever. Such is the power of liberals to deceive humans. This room is a perfect example of successful brainwashing. Warden would be an otherwise intelligent person were he not so zealously worshipping liberal professors unworthy of fame. I cannot say that for Djrion who actually does have hidden talent and quite likely has, I surmise he has, at least an acceptable mother. However, Djrion takes glee in seeing himself up as a paragon of knowledge the breadth of which being impossible for conservatives to possibly understand. Actually, Djrion as a self-ordained pontiff is a pretty confused fellow, and I have long suspected him of suffering from Low T. Djrion has a decidedly feminine writing style that could be indicative of his contemplating a transformation. Additionally, Djrion is a lover of black people for no appreciably valid stated reasons, so in my mind’s eye I see him performing in trans shows just for Negroes, separated by liberals from others by physical assessment of their skin pigment. 305 is surprisingly normal, actually admirably so. I enjoy his posts so long as he keeps his prose short, terse, and witty. When he criticizes me, I always find it a mirthful experience, because his interpretation of disputes is often so intrinsically mistaken and wrongheaded. You cannot win a polemic argument with faux science arguments. Speaking of faux sciences, the most faux of the lot is political science which is devoid of research tools, theorems, and immutable results found in the hard sciences. Small wonders there so many dunderheads and frauds teaching political science in our universities.

The greatest show on earth was a victim

I’ll pose this same question to you that I posed to warden in a different thread:

Why would Republican controlled states change voting laws so that they could lose the election for trump?

Arizona - Trifecta (22 years and counting), with Dems never having a trifecta.

Georgia - trifecta during 2020 election and dating back to 2005.

Pennsylvania - pubs have control both state houses since like 2011. Governor has been blue for like 7 years

Wisconsin - same as Pennsylvania where pubs have held state since 2011. Dem has had governorship since 2018

Because Trump isn’t their brand of conservative and they wanted him out. They made a Faustian bargain.

What’s the next question?


[quote=“djrion, post:9, topic:4374”]
I don’t really expect a serious answer. We will get some canned GSCl :lying_face: wn response like he doesn’t like fox news or rhinos and that they conspired with dems to oust trump

Can I call it or can I call it?

Whether you want to admit it or not Trump isn’t/wasn’t an establishment Republican. There was/is a contingency working the party that was motivated to remove him.

That contingency had control over State Republicans. Those State Republicans followed orders and created laws to to usurp power from Trump in order to give it back to themselves eventually.

Always a grand conspiracy. Such a sad, sad, sad lack of intellect.

For the win!

Do you think controlling and keeping control of the greatest economy and military in the world doesn’t require “grand conspiracies?”

Not at all, why?

What a confused world he must live in…everything is a conspiracy, everyone is against him, ghosts, demons, monsters are real…historical knowledge is a lie…

movies are made about people like this…and they aren’t pretty

I think it is healthy to be sceptical too. I’m an absolute firm believer in Marx and the Critical Theorists whom followed. Their work, thankfully helped us use crit theory to challenge conventual thought. However, when your whole entire worldview is a conspiracy theory, there is something wrong mentally.


Just a point of clarification, Marx was wrong - a lot. Lest one of these idiots comment.

Dickride time!

Oh, the irony