Will He Finish His Term?

LOL, never gonna happen.

All these GOP a-holes are just trying to position themselves on the winning side of history. The usual spineless crap I would expect out of politicians.

I think he will, and I think he should.

Obviously he won’t resign.

The 25th amendment is more for medically related items…and he’ll have a chance to defend. Not much time left anyway.

And while impeachment seems to be more likely - and at this point would be only symbolic because there’d be no time for a trial, I don’t think it’s necessary.

In addition - with all the unrest - not just recently but through 2020 - why light another fire? Using the 25th or impeaching him would just bring people to the streets (again) to cause more violence (again).

Not worth it.

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Actually, they can still have a trial after he is out of office. If found guilty he will be out of office, but he would be barred from ever holding office again. The 25th Amendment is not the way to go. He’s going to be the first ever twice impeached President. He has no one to blame but himself for his second one.

You’re right SC. Super majority convicts - simple majority vote after keeps him from office.

Waste of time if you ask me.

Biden would do a lot of good will by telling everyone to stop - just let him leave.