Wide Right! Rivalry [sic] Game... FSU vs. UM

I will be at a “Friendsgiving” event all day Saturday getting soused. Will watch the game Sunday if I don’t instead opt for UConn vs. NC State women’s hoops. The latter will be a lot more competitive and fun to watch.

At this juncture I have to suspect given UM’s anemic offense that the result will be quite similar to last year. Possibility of a defensive or special teams TD. My call is 38-10 FSU.

Worst part will be the hordes of recruits at the game. Kids are susceptible to momentum. And I don’t think this generation cares much about building/rebuilding a program. All this shit about “the crib” is all well and good until the team recruiting you gets smacked around like a 120 lb. high school senior. Kids want to be part of a winner, not work to make a team a winner. But, hey, maybe Cristobal is the Jesus like recruiter people say he is. As long as he lets someone with half a brain manage the game on game day.

It’ll be a tough game to watch any way you slice it.

Best thing to do is not be hopeful. just expect the smackdown and hope we can see something good, like another QB besides TVD.

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I’m more optimistic than most on this. FSU isn’t 2001 Miami. They are good. Miami has the talent to win.

Need to have our QB have a pulse.

27-24 Miami

Miami loses by 20+, maybe 30+.

Wow, Indiana. I don’t know what to say. North Carolina killed us.

Look, I’d be the first to admit that anybody can win one of these rivalry games. But I have zero confidence in TVD. The last 4 ACC games he played he was complete trash. A liability, actively hurting our team. Meaning you stick a JAG at QB and we would’ve done better.

2 losses and 2 overtime wins. That’s what TVD accomplished in ACC play with what should have been 3 EASY wins and a tough game / probably loss.

Emory played at Clemson and it was a surprise win, and the thing is Emory didn’t even do anything special. Literally all he did was not mess up. Not be a liability.

So too much depends on this game. Which TVD shows up. Which QB plays. And even then, it’s a likely loss. Bottom line is FSU has their shit together, we are still figuring it out.

I always want the Canes to smash the Noles…

Having said that, I’m preparing for the worst, think it gets real ugly, real fast.

Would savor the ability to watch a grand upset on a couple of replays…:pray:

I absolutely loved Miami in this game up til shortly after the Clemson game, then definitely after VA for sure

They were going to be about +7.5…And I loved em.

Can’t endorse with Mesidor and Kelly not coming back and total disappearance of the QB position. There is a very tiny path to steal it (assuming Van Dyke is cooked, which you have to do it) with ground and pound and hopefully Jacurri Brown, but even now with the +14ish. I want nothing to do with this game. 30-17 Noles, let’s go canes.

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305, I agree it could be a 25 point blowout. But I think FSU is a bit overrated. They barely beat BC. They could have lost that game.

Miami is player for player right there. They handled A&M. Yes, Dyke is cooked. But if there is reasonable QB play and a few turnovers, I could see Miami winning.

If the bad Van Dyke is playing we are in trouble.

High variance game IMO

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Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll ever see the good Van Dyke again.


Against all hope, I am picturing in my mind’s eye a remarkable performance by Van Dyke. Nothing is more exciting than an unexpected victory, an upset. The Hurricanes are famous for upsetting seemingly unbeaten teams. Who can ever forget the team that stuffed the Oklahoma wishbone. How about our first national championship game against a Cornhusker team called by some the best college team ever going into the contest.

So much for wishful thinking. I picked FSU to win the NC before the season started. I think they have a shot at it. Ergo, Miami falls to FSU. Even if it’s a slaughter as it was last year, nothing can exceed the misery of the Georgia Tech loss.

Fixed it for ya.

Going to say TVD doesn’t start. Bikki’s boy will need a performance of a lifetime along with the D showing up.