Why the left has to suppress free speech

An excellent piece by Dennis Prager.

At least they label it an opinion piece

Dennis Prager is a 100%, all out, propagandist and hypocrite. You might as well have asked the dump you took this morning to write you a story.
But, this is fun…let’s explore. My premise is the right has every bit as much history and effort in suppressing speech. Care to discuss?

You on the other hand are a stand up, non-biased type huh?

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Straight down the middle!

He’s the only guy who owns his own business and is broke and speaks like a leftie but is a centrist.

He’s an enigma!

Non-biased vs a flat out propagandist and liar are two different things. Again, invest in a Dictionary

Not really? Sure there’s a spectrum. But I would argue that biases naturally lead to both

  1. Confirmation bias
  2. Advocacy in some fo for your beliefs

Agreed. However, advocacy for one’s beliefs doesn’t necessarily entail routine propaganda or lying about said beliefs on a regular basis to the point of literally making a living doing so. I like Dr Pepper more than Pepsi. But, I didn’t start multiple companies publicly arguing that Pepsi is made by Satan and will eat your life and soul away.

Stop drinking Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper contains diethethylene glycol which is just one chemical bond away from being anti-freeze. Like anti-freeze, diethethylene glycol accumulates in the kidneys, and high concentrations and reaction with other substances in particular alcohol can cause poisoning. Because of its sweetness and miscibility, anti-freeze poisoning is the cause of many homicidal poisonings. Autopsies of victims of anti-freeze poisoning reveal large numbers of oxylate kidney stones… Diethylene glycol also affects the liver and pancreas. Don’t drink Dr. Pepper. . I used to drink it, spiked it with a little alcohol, and voila, I developed a kidney stone the size of a marble and went through hell getting rid of it.

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Legit point. I promise, it’s only a special occasion now. I pay for it on jujitsu mats. Getting old sucks

I really do appreciate you taking the time to write that. I had a kidney stone once…so horrible. Hope you have a great weekend and the fishing spot was plentiful

Hey bikki, what do you think about Mountain Dew?

Jeez - Bikki is a wealth of info! Glad I don’t drink soda that much (I make up for that by drinking beer :joy:).

As for Mountain Dew - holy hell it’s bad for your teeth. I saw a segment on TV about some guy in rural Kentucky. He was around 25-30. He said since he was a baby his mom gave him Mountain Dew - even in a bottle because it was the only think that made him stop crying

His teeth literally looked like little brown, rotted out logs.

51, the worst substance for teeth is peanut butter because it collects underneath the gum line. A person should always brush teeth after eating it. That includes Reece candies.

Mountain Dew contains more caffeine than any soft drink other than Jolt Cola. If you have trouble sleeping, you should avoid Mountain Dew which I think tastes awful even when spiked with alcohol. Caffeine is of course addictive.

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This. When did we switch from “I support limited government” and “I’m pro life” to “your politicians are pedophiles who murdered their enemies and committed treason?”


Thanks, bikki. Sleep is a small price to pay for that mana from heaven.

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All my life I’ve wrestled with sleep. I only am able to sleep 5 or 6 hours at a time. At least once, sometimes twice a week, I don’t go to bed. Then, I have trouble sleeping the next night. I am addicted to Ambien which makes me dopey. You’ll notice I often leave out words, sometimes type a word that apparently is in my self conscious, but one I did not want to type, sort of Freudian slip type behavior. All my life, I have had this problem. Every once in a while, I get a good night’s sleep, and I feel that I can leap tall buildings the next day. I’ve had trillions of sleep studies. I now sleep with a CPAP. I’ve considered getting a hyperbaric chamber like Michael Jackson. I’ve always considered sleep a waste of time, in the same vein as praying. Humans should not have to waste so much of their llives unresponsive. Reading puts some to sleep. To me it excites me. Maybe I should attend more meetings of faculty senates; they used to put me out cold.