Why the Democratic Party and liberal media ABSOLUTELY NEED the racism narrative

They’ll never let it die…They need that race war

Skeeter, Wilfred Reilly is a sensational guy whom I began following some time ago at your suggestion.

It’s manifestly unfair to accuse educated citizens including Warden and Djrion of racism. You have written nothing to the best of my knowledge that it was even remotely racist. In fact I recall your reminiscing about your life-long friends and acquaintances of diverse ethnicity.

51 is actually a decent fellow, but too quick to conflate others’ opinions to being racist… Then when all the evidence is gathered pertaining to an issue or trial, his allegations prove to false. A case in point was George Floyd. Floyd was a five time loser, a complete thug, was engaged in a crime when confronted by Derek Chauvin. Even though the Police Handbook has an illustration of the knee restraint employed by Chauvin, Chauvin was found guilty. In that venue, under the circumstances therein, the amplified powers of the prosecution versus an unknown union lawyer, Chauvin, who was innocent, was convicted, sent to prison and now awaits a trail for violating the career criminal’s civil rights. The Chauvin trial was a legal miscarriage of justice, not my opinion but that of many legal scholars. It was a complete abomination. Chauvin is a political prisoner. George Floyd died of a heart attack caused by resisting arrest violently while under the influence of four times the lethal limit of fentanyl. We’re seeing the lives of four cops being destroyed in Minnesota by liberals, because a five-time loser with a bad heart resisted arrest while a hostile crowd encircled the cops threatening to exacerbate a volatile situation. The standard of reasonable doubt should have been reached. What transpired was not justice, but racial revenge…

The same could be said for Trayvon. Trayvon too was a THUG. Were it up to liberals, everything would have been hunky dory had Trayvon Martin crushed Zimmerman’s skull hammering it against a concrete sidewalk. Anybody listening to the trial transcript should immediately have discerned who the racist was in the said conflict. Trayvon doubled back from his apartment to attack Zimmerman who was obediently returning to his car at the behest of the police telephone dispatcher… The dispatcher told Zimmerman not to follow Trayvon out of concern for the safety of George Zimmerman not for Trayvon’s safety. This too was confirmed at the trial. Zimmerman, the racist according to the left, was a life long civil rights activist/worker who voted for Obama.

Slinging the “racism” epithet around is actually a vile thing to do, and it should only be done when truth of a situation is incontrovertible. Reasonable doubt should be in play always before committing to calling another person a racist.

Lemme guess, without reading bikkis trash but he managed to insult dead people like trayvon and Floyd. He also managed to attack liberals and then hate on Muslims too.

Did I get it right?

Snatch you by your goatee…fake ass racism police

I don’t even read his shit anymore. He’s a pathetic old man who’s little more than a racist without a virtuous bone in his body. Seldom have I seen such a shit soul, but Bikki definitely fulfills it. Pure gutter trash as a human

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Exactly my sentiments. Infinite torture in his future.

@djrion @Warden84

These people are nice guys ya know ^^^

Pieces of shit…Comedy