Why is Biden ignoring this?

Any other president would be addressing this. It has global economic implications.

Why is Biden yet to even talk about it?

Why not throw resources at it?

This could cripple us if it gets bad.

I mean you and I know…But others on this board will tell us it’s under control…It all is ya know.

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How could they not be concerned about this.
My personal opinion, and I think you were hinting at this, is that Biden WANTS this. That he is purposely causing or encouraging it, if not just ignoring it so it festers.

So what’s the payoff? They want to implode the system?

That’s insanity.


A couple friends and acquaintances have been pointing out this stuff for a long time…Some on this message boards will call them conspiracy theorists…Cool. What do we call them when they are right?

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The supply problem is already evident. When I go to Publix, I see quite a few empty shelves. A great many products are now unavailable. It’s even worse at neighborhood Walmart. Empty shelves here and there. Our nearest Dollar Tree, which I love and whose stock has been good to me, has an empty frozen food freezer than spans the entire rear of the store. Soon the Dollar Tree will turn into the Two Dollar Tree under this wholly incompetent administration. Even some of the liberals are jumping ship. Chris Wallace now admits Trump being right about the border. Biden will be stepping down imminently, and Kamala will be taking over. Kamala will be going in as the most disliked VP in recent history.

None of the above occurred under the spectacularly successful Trump administration. Think how more Trump could have achieved were he not to have had the criminal opposition of the Deep State and MSM seditionists. It won’t be long before Covid deaths under Biden exceed those of Trump. This winter ought to take Joe across the finish line as being the worst Covid president. Imagine letting the invaders, whom Mayorkas says one in five have diseases, wander freely through the country spreading all kinds of diseases, even leprosy and measles. Anyone supporting Biden after nine months of abysmal failure plainly has departed from rational thinking.


This problem needs to be fixed expeditiously!

Nope sorry SC… Much more important things such as preventing every covid death, forcing vaccines, making sure every one is using the right god damn pronoun, making sure trannies can win every women sporting event, critical race theory, using a pandemic to “start over”…Duh

All manufactured.

All avoidable.

This wouldn’t have been under Trump.

NG began 2017 at $3.71
and began 2018 at $6.24

but tell me again what wouldn’t have been under Trump…

But I’m not denying we have a problem. This needs to be dealt with.

I partially suspect that the United States is waging economic warfare with China right now. maybe I HOPE that’s what’s happening. But maybe I’m giving the administration too much credit.


Try again.


Why? I got it right the first time.



You used an anomaly and passed it off as if it was the narrative.

It spiked very temporarily. It’s a dishonest appraisal of the facts.

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And you know now is not an anomaly because why?

I agree that we are looking at a problem, and I’ve said as much, but it things calm down over the next month our anomaly will be over just like the last one.

Because the 2018 spike was over and self regulated in a month. It was most likely driven by speculators.

This rise has been persistent and consistent. We’ve seen month over month, steady increases since April.

I’ll give you the increase has been gradual until the last month, which is the spike I’m commenting on.

At the same time, I think the market’s been unusually low that past year and a half. For the last decade, the average price of NG was probably above $3 (just eyeballing the numbers, no actual maths). So April to June was more like a correction, and even the next couple of months just slightly concerning.

But yes, if this keeps up another month, then that is more than an anomaly. If a month now it’s down, then no biggie.

I think he’s actively ignoring it because he wants supply to continue to shrink.

If energy prices rise, that produces an added unforeseen cost for producers and suppliers to manufacture items. It will cause them to hold back supply or raise their prices.

So why do this?

I think they want to pop the bubble. They want a crisis.

Why do they want a crisis? That’s the question. The multi trillion dollar question.




This is very possible. I’ve mentioned economic warfare with China elsewhere, and it’s a real possibility.

Think about it.

  1. Evergrande and China’s housing crisis.

  2. China is now experiencing an energy crisis. They are asking warehouses to close half the week to accommodate.

  3. Production closed means less output. It means more stock lingering in warehouses. It means even more lag on shipping, and less money moving.

I don’t know how bad things are looking in China right about now but it can’t be pretty.