Why are you deleting my posts 51?

I’ve just made a post twice in the last 5 minutes that has gotten insta-deleted…Shocking abuse of authority.

Out of control.

This is the adult board. We’re big boys.

I can’t wait to hear why it was deleted.

Once again. You created a thread to voice an opinion on something we were literally discussing at the same time, in another thread.

Why create a new one?

“Your Honor, a grave injustice has occurred here that is deprived me of my rights as an American!”

Jesus with the hyperbole. :laughing:

Because i felt like it

Cool. And you know what I felt like doing? Deleting it because it’s redundant.

One thing I’ve seen other mods in other forums do is merge the redundant thread into the old one. That way nothing gets lost.

Do you really think that would have satisfied this maniac fuck’s lust for being a board moderator? One sick person