Who's Responsible For Jackson, MS Water Crisis

Jackson, capital city of Mississippi has a water crisis of epic proportions. CNN alleges that its cause is none other than Republican systemic and environmental racism. While I think it is often too easy to throw around the term systemic racism, I think that responsibility for this crisis is a shared one. Yes, white flight and black governance play a part in the lack of funding. State government has failed Jackson for what are somewhat valid but somewhat specious reasons, and race is indeed a factor. But, also governmental incompetence cannot be precluded from causing the crisis.

Blame however needs to be put on the back burner, and responsible governance needs to take place. The people of Jackson deserve better on both counts, and the problem needs to be cured ASAP. Fix the problem for the people then let the pols squabble about blame.

Wait, white flight and black governance play a role in the lack of funding? Let’s sort this out…if white people leave and black citizens are at the head of the local government, that equates to a lack of state funding and somehow that’s not systemic racism?

I think they have a series of words to describe this…maybe systemic racism? Reeves said they need to pay their water bills but for 2 years, they haven’t gone more than 1 month without a boil water notice. Why should they pay for water they can’t use?

But, of course…because even you admit racism plays a role in this, we should not focus on why it happened and who’s responsible, right?

First, we should fix the water system before dwelling on perceived racism.

Agreed. Though, you admitted racism so it’s not perceived racism, correct? Per your own admission, it would be observed racism. Correct, Mr. Linguistics?

You’re almost right. Some of the blame is indeed due to racism. Some of the racism is perceived without sufficient validity. Fixing the system sooner at least to some degree will quell the hostile relationship between city and state. Let the newly-elected Mayor have his shot at curing endemic problems, especially corruption. Mississippi I believe needs to support a renaissance movement in Jackson as the state’s capital.

Mississippi is not the basket case perceived by people outside the state. I have visited almost all the major state universities in the South, and my favorite venue among all of them is Oxford. Oxford is appropriately named and a remarkable place.

Super. So, if you admit racism is party to blame for some of the issue, then you admit that institutional racism exists. The study of said institutional racism, that you admitted was real and was part of the problem in this instance, is called Critical Race Theory. Ouroboros

So, your justification for stating Mississippi isn’t the basket case is that you’ve visited and have a favorite city?
Statistics don’t follow your logic

This thread is based on my impression and memories about my visits to Oxford and the University of Mississippi. It’s about the warmth and welcoming of the people I met in Oxford which is a true oasis of culture and scholarship as well. It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Warden’s unpleasant post which is completely uninteresting and diverts my nostalgic commentary to focus on uncalled for, metropolitan statistical analysis.

Perhaps I should write another post about Auburn University which I place second on my list of favorite Southeastern state universities. As a noted engineering school, everything at Auburn is splendidly organized. When Auburn hosts a colloquium you can bet it will go off without any hitches. Auburn-Opelika is a great place to visit, full of friendly people, including scads of refugees fleeing Northern liberal states. These people learn quickly that basking in freedom is an every day experience in the great State of Alabama, and they can use their hard-earned dollars to improve their lifestyle rather than being forced to pay for rapacious and inefficient liberal governance.

Gotcha, so essentially, you based you entire premise on your personal observations and are therefore offering a biased, egocentric and non-scientific perspective entirely. Again, however, when confronted with actual data points that you view as unpleasant (because they’re shitty) you feel they are uncalled for because they prove you wrong, ruin your nostalgia for your egocentric view and that your opinion of worth a pile of excrement. Gotcha.

Here’s Alabama’s

Again, you’re a guy who defended old men forcing little girls to get dressed in front of them, championed the opinions of mass murders, lie consistently about everything, support our enemies over our own country and our allies, and prefer your nostalgia over data points in evaluating the performance of states and locales…who also lives in an area where they have to have signs telling people not to sleep with their family, and is represented proudly by a man under federal investigation for child trafficking.

That sums it up, right?

Sounds exactly like his Russia that he continues to ignore