When the Lies Come Home

What do you know. Another sensational article by Douglas MacGregor, one who tells the unvarnished truth about Ukraine.

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But according to bikki, the military already collapsed 3 months ago…

The army did collapse and fled into urban areas to use civilians as human shields. It’s a war that cannot be won, not by Ukraine, not even by NATO. As to Western armaments, they’re being destroyed on the way to the Donbas. There is no rail traffic across the country. Russia has over 100 military satellites. Air crafts capable of carrying artillery are sighted and their cargo viewed from the sky. Meanwhile, Biden’s hardball policy is the cause of a thousand deaths and injuries per day. Russia will do as Russia characteristically does, bomb them into submission with artillery. Every day, scores of soldiers are surrendering. We wasted 56 billion dollars paying Ukrainians to commit suicide fighting our proxy war against Russia. When war is over, there will be no more Nazis, no more weapons labs,no more private militias, no more money laundering, no more thuggish seizure of private property. Ukraine will be able to spend its money on improving the lives of its people, not the Nazis, not the oligarchs, not Hunter Biden. I am afraid, the brothel business in Kiev, home of some of the highest-priced hookers in the world, will suffer, but the world’s oldest profession will survive. Putin will remain the most successful world politician of the past two decades. Putin has never lost a war, and he won’t lose in Ukraine. Like Trump, Putin wins, wins, and wins.

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Nice try walking back your statement. You straight up said there was no more Ukrainian army, yet here they are, fighting, 100+ days later.

The army never fled. Much of their bulk is organized into territorial defense forces which stay put. But even the army proper never made the decision to meet the Russian forces in the field. There was urban combat from the beginning, because Ukraine is on the defense.

I agree with you. Complete victory will elude Russia and Ukraine. Neither side can fully win this thing.

The key for each side is to strengthen their position as much as possible, outlast the will of their opponent, and come out in the end with equitable terms.

If Ukraine rolls over, their terms will be worse, and there may not even be a Ukraine by the end of it. This is why they fight.

Lots of materiel is being destroyed on both sides every day. Welcome to war.

Ukraine just bombarded Snake Island again and sank a resupply vessel. Russia may or may not choose to place more materiel on the island yet again. This is war.

You have a fantasy of Russia ending corruption and oligarchs when they are the biggest oligarchy in the world. What planet do you live on? The head of the Wagner Group is a Nazi. Russia is full of them, but that fact doesn’t strip the country of its sovereign status.

This is a lesson Russia is spending a lot of blood and treasure to learn right now.

Putin had a good run, but this war was a mistake and it has already greatly tarnished his legacy, even to tankies like you.

The longer the war lasts, the poorer the outlook for Ukraine. Furthermore, the discord accompanying a protracted war will be visited more heavily on Europe and the U.S. than on Russia. Ukrainian soldiers are pawns of NATO and encouraging them to fight is tantamount to encouraging them to commit suicide and is wholly immoral.

Russia has no interest at this juncture in halting its SMO (Special Military Operation). Thanks to Biden, the prices of oil and gas are enriching Russia while causing havoc in Europe and in the U.S. Russians are more used to privation than we are since the greatest battles in human history have been fought on their soil. In contrast, the U.S. is at the beginning phase of a recession which I believe has the momentum to turn from recession into a full scale depression. Yes a depression. I will write why this is liable to happen in another post.

Here’s an article by an interesting fellow whom Warden will have a field day researching his past. Former UK lawyer Alexander Mercouris has reinvented himself as an expert on Russian affairs. Admittedly, the guy is very pro-Russian anti-Western European in terms of bias, but I believe he assess the conflict rather fairly and accurately. Attached please find a You Tube video about Ukraine… Mercouris has made many videos on this topic.

How so? Russia is pretty screwed under current conditions. They keep crying for the US to remove sanctions and they are losing a large market.

Russia has no interest in halting the war, and neither does Ukraine. Right now there’s no reason for either of them to back down.