What's this NCAA crap?

The NCAA has issued a “public reprimand” to the University of Miami for violating rule 1-4-12 involving coaches’ phones, headsets and communication devices.

Because of the violation, UM was not only issued the public reprimand, but “a 20-percent reduction in communication for this week’s game against Georgia Tech,’’ according to a release sent out late Monday afternoon by the Atlantic Coast Conference.

“Teams must exchange a ‘headset sheet’ and ‘team credential list’ at least 90 minutes prior to its scheduled contest. Schools are limited to 23 communication devices,’’ the release said.

When asked for a comment, UM had none other than referring the Miami Herald back to the ACC release.

The release includes a link (NCAA Membership Announcement-FBCommunicationDevices (PDF) - Atlantic Coast Conference) to the ”NCAA Football Rules Committee and NCAA Division I Football Oversight Committee Membership Announcement” regarding “coaches’ phones, headsets and communication devices football question and answer document.’’

The Hurricanes are now 4-4 and 2-2 in the ACC after defeating then-No. 17 Pittsburgh on the road Saturday. They play Georgia Tech at 12:30 p.m. Saturday at Hard Rock Stadium.

Can we just give this archaic (lack of) oversight committee the middle finger for dragging out the Shapiro shit for as long as they did? What exactly happened with our phones and headsets?

NCAA mularky

If Miami is cheating, I don’t think they’re doing it right.

I hate the NCAA

WTF? This is stupid.

I saw that article this morning. It did not say how egregious the violation was. Were they 20% over the allocated amount? If not, then why the 20% reduction? Is that number a pre-determined, prescribed reduction for any violation?

I mean, I get that the NCAA is trying to enlist some form of financial parity by leveling the playing field a little bit, but good grief… :roll_eyes: