What the Left Has Done to Universities

Here’s an article about the impressions of a North Korean student enrolled at Columbia University. How exquisitely logical are her perceptions about how young mutton headed Americans refuse to think, instead prefer to be brainwashed by the left. You have to love this woman who tells the unvarnished truth. Give her a green card! Delicious reading. It explains how Djrion was so willingly led astray from reality. BTW, Korea is the nation among all world nations whose citizens have the highest average I.Q.s. Korea avg. I.Q. is 106, USA avg I.Q. is 98. Highest I.Q.s of all world sub-groups are those of Ashenazi Jews 111… Singapore, a city which is also a country has an average I.Q. of 108. Obviously this woman is of sublime intelligence.

Bikki agrees with brainwashed North Korean, not surprised in the least.

Says the man who regurgitates Lawrence O’Donnell…No brainwash there huh you commie cunt?

The North Korean girl defected from North Korea. In her short life, she was sold into slavery in Mongolia, but managed to escape to the West. Her insights on higher education in America are spot on. I not only believe the young lady, but can attest to the veracity of her claims from my own experiences in higher education that span more than a half century. In my mind, she is a splendid individual who will prosper in America. We’re lucky to have her.