What do you get when you mix

child abuse and mental illness?

A situation like this.

Abhorrent. And while I agree with the final conclusion that someone’s sex, gender, or identification thereof is not the business of strangers, I also believe it’s horrible to allow your prepubescent child to harbor these ideas.

We’re raising a generation of weak, exposed feminine males. The next generation will pay for it.

What’s the old saying?

Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times (:point_left:t2::point_left:t2::point_left:t2::point_left:t2: We are here)

Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.

Brace yourselves. Our kids are on the road to suffering hard times.

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I agree with your comments. I don’t think a child should be subject to this.

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I’ve always been critical of the social sciences since the field is filled with amateurs who due to intelligence were likely incapable of succeeding in the more rigorous, pure scientific realm of studies. From time immemorial, humans have survived, I think, rather well recognizing that there are only two genders. It is only recently that attention is focused by social scientists on this foolish concept of equity, that gender identity is not a constant variable but subject to change by willy nilly foolishness. This has created the madness we now experience in our country by attempting to confer greater rights and privilege to those who in most cases are in dreadful need of psychiatry, which is distinct from psychology. Practitioners of psychiatry first must obtain a medical degree which is pure science. Consequences of this madness results in child abuse as GSC has suggested in the lead post in this thread. What the country needs badly is a return to traditional, wholesome, and decent Americanism, and we need to remove the crazy Marxist Democrats who have created anarchy in America.

bikki- unfortunately there is only one cure for our disease…. Hard times.

This generation is soft. Full of luxury and first world problems. They are entitled and bored.

A depression will make this nonsense disappear for 2 generations.

You think anyone cares about your gender when they can’t find food to eat?

It’s an unfortunate reality. We’ve become fat, lazy, spoiled and entitled. We’re the Romans during Marcus Aurelius’s era. Just about over the cliff. The hoard is coming and only the strong will survive.

You don’t think @djrion will come in defending something here?

Sick fucking cult man