Weird GOP

But the left is normal? Seriously dude?

Yep, compared to this…beacons of normalcy.

Even you don’t believe that.

I definitely do. There is a wide array of craziness from the left. The trans thing, non-binary whatever the fuck that shit is…as out there as I can fathom. I’ve admitted, I just can’t wrap my head around it and have zero tolerance for binary whatever the fuck pronoun game they want. But, your team has Qanon, dudes thinking Trump is still President, just some of the most outlandish, wackiest and most out of touch with reality characters I think in history, even worse than you could write for a movie. You couldn’t write about the modern GOP for a movie. Nobody would believe it was real.

If I have to choose between a conspiracy and people whacking off their dicks and vaginas…. I’ll choose the conspiracy.

You also have a bunch of folks on your side that are OBSESSED with whiteness and white privilege. They believe that to be white is to be evil.

We have others who want to literally ban policing (and I am no fan of police officers).

The left wants to literally return land to native Americans. They can’t tell you which tribes or what lands, but fuck it…. It sounds good.

They want trillions to be paid in reparations to blacks…. Remember - they can’t tell which we’re slaves and slave owners and they can’t tell you which whites were either…. But fuck it… sounds good. Makes us look good and righteous.

They believe that the earth is being destroyed in 20, no 12, no 4 years. And that we should destroy the economy to fix it.

They believe there’s no such thing as borders and we should just let people in by the millions- fuck your kids and their safety!

Should I continue?

There’s a difference in seeking to erase or simply not understanding and not having the time to understand or care. You don’t actively seek to bash (figurative or literal) trans skulls in. Humanity has crossed this path a bunch of times over and over again. The side that wins, will eventually win again.

Like this is some type of thing every conservative or every woke, non-progressive is taking part in?

I don’t know anyone in my entire life that wants to hurts gays or trans people. Not one individual.

I do know people, liberal and conservative, that don’t agree with homosexual marriage and trans…. Particularly when you mix kids in.

Djrion NEEDS to make this an issue of violence to justify his position on the topic. Notice he immediately dissolves Warden of any wrong doing based off of this standard.

But he accuses me of such when I have a couple of best friends who are gay. It’s insanity.

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While you have literal Nazis running for office, white supremacists in office and as leaders of your “movement”, and people like Skeeter who wholly deny racism even exists among white people.

Very few. Defunding the Police is about taking money and moving it to resource better equipped, like health care providers and mental health providers. The police have too much funding and are tasked with doing things they’re not qualified for. There are as many left wingers who want to wholly ban the practice of policing as on the right. I can give you quite a few bugaloo bois who want to outright end the police. They voted for Trump.

Really? Where? The Supreme Court affected Oklahoma, but only upheld a legal ruling.

Who’s “they”? There are people who want reparations. You have people who want to have a civil war, a separate country for black people, etc. As a party, there are no platforms or bills that call for reparations.


Another lie.

At what point are you going to begin having the discussion honestly?

Where the fuck do you get this shit from?

I know so many racist white people I can’t count em all…Knew more when I was child. Can’t fuckin stand most of them, don’t associate most of them…And certainly see it as a flaw in those I do tolerate or converse with.

I swear to christ…you idiots just type any old thing for an argument… Partisan sheep.

That’s weird or dishonest. I’m from Texas and Oklahoma. I do. Lots.

What was my “wrongdoing”?

You were right and I was man enough to:

A. Admit it
B. Apologize for it

What else would you like from moi?

Btw, you should try A and B once in awhile

Yea- we’ll, I’m from NJ. And I’ll say it again…. I don’t know a single person that has ever threatened to, or has beaten a gay or trans person.

Maybe it’s the company I keep Warden. Maybe your judgement of the character of those you break bread with is questionable.

I don’t know. That’s a YOU question to figure out.


You ok with this?

Or this?

I don’t know what this is

Your position is that you can’t teach kids to be gay.

We’ll inform these :point_up::point_up::point_up: Assholes because it’s definitely their mission.

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I agree with you. And I share your concern that this stuff is in some schools in the first place.

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