Watermarked ballots?

Vernon Jones was doing an interview after visiting the AZ audit yesterday.

At one point he demonstrated the technique auditors are using with UV light on ballots.

And low and behold, what do we see… a watermark.

There was this old theory that the Trump admin mandated all legitimate ballots be sealed with an invisible watermark. I remember the media trying to debunk it via their fact-checkers.

But there it is, in plain sight.

Will be interesting if referenced in final report. How do you justify ballots with no watermarks that were officially in the tally?

There is a fact check saying Maricopa ballots don’t have watermarks. Here’s a recent one:

It basically goes off the denials of watermarks by election officials and even the ballot printers. It also states how the federal government has no power to mandate how states run elections, etc.

Why was this picture of this watermark taken with a potato? I can’t even tell if it’s a ballot, much less that it’s from Maricopa or from the last election. Is there an image without Bigfoot blur?