Was Storm Front Banned?

I haven’t been in here in a while. Was Storm booted?

Yes. He has been gone for awhile.

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Is it true??? If so, I will gladly return. If that’s ok with you guys?

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Welcome back Mr. Kotter


Why wouldn’t it be ok? Kinda pathetic SC…Post as you wish…

Wonder if 51 will return

He even stopped posting on Twitter. I think he’s full gone.

What’s his twitter? We should message him.

Of course it’s okay. Tell everybody else who left to come back while you’re at it!

I did try contacting 51 but had no luck. I don’t use twitter and haven’t seen any of those guys on other sites so there are better people to contact them than me.

As far as the original question, this thread has all the answers:

Storm tried to turn this site into his personal blog. He pretty much ruined it for most people.

He should start his own website and post his nutty takes there. He might develop a following for the same reason that crowds gather to watch someone jump off a tall building.

I had a teacher who was a high school classmate of Horshack.

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LOVE IT! Welcome Back Kotter was one of my favorites in my childhood!

Now I can’t get that theme song outta my head.