Warden you missed another one

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Sheep everywhere like @djrion swore by BLM…Fuckin fraud organization

Just a cool 11 bill…That’s all.

This has the appearance of a grift on a grand scale. Corruption is potentially at the top of any organization. They see the funds first. Any organization of this nature, that’s worth its salt, would have the funds in a trust account. That way every penny can be accounted for. It is a shame that BLM isn’t really about BLM when it comes to those in charge of it.


Cue Warden with raw story link where the money “really” went

My whole beef

And to explain it further to 51 and the dynamic woke duo…You can KNOW BLM is a fucking joke and fraud…And that doesn’t make you a racist one bit.

In general I am against almost all charities. Organizations that collect large amounts of money almost always put a lot of that money into unexpected hands. It’s the nature of grift in general. So many of these orgs are corrupt or have corrupt employees without enough oversight. Defense contracts aren’t much better.

This isn’t the first article like this about BLM. If BLM were actually about BLM, we wouldn’t see articles like this. No one on this board would say it’s ok black people to be killed by police. That said if you start a movement about Black Lives Matter, there needs to be more substance to your organization.

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BLM has done nothing when it comes to using donations to help the lot of black people. It turns out that the movement was just a scam to enrich its Marxist founders. Many of its so-called leaders deserve long stretches in the Big House for being grifters.

It’s obviously a little deeper than that with BLM with what we’ve seen the last couple years.

You mean like the Trump campaign?

Touche! Call out one, call out all!

But it has to be a viable comparison…I mean warden’s clearly was not

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