Wake up guys, we're playing and behind already!

I guess this is the game thread for the final game of the season? Nothing says success like having a team board where no one even bothers putting up a game thread. LOL!

Duke leads 3-0

That’s the easiest kickoff return for a TD I have ever seen

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KO return TD for Duke and a 10-3 lead. I hope we wake up.

Yay! 10-10 now!

Where is everyone today? Old board maybe? Or just no interest whatsoever?

They’re throwing every single gadget play they can think of out there.

Can’t get the game on TV so listening on QAM.

I thank god every day for Bailey Jr and zigackie. :laughing:

Haha, tried to pick it up and run with it, and then lost it. Typical Miami

And with that comes a huge change in field position with that punt

Little busy hosting a party today but nice to see what position the Canes are in. Love being serious about getting a TD before the half, even with our current lead.

Nice lead at the half. Hoping they continue the 2nd half.

Probably Rambo’s best catch of the season. Amazing.

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I didn’t even know the game was on!

And the Suckeyes are going down!


I just posted it too! :rofl:

Not televised here in Lower Alabama, so I’m watching the Iron Bowl with the yahoos.