Voting conservative in November

Will lead you to this

A little overly dramatic, no.

We will be exactly where we are now. Nothing really changes.


Imagine making this connection

Partisan sheep gonna partisan sheep.

He’s cheerleading pretty hard for the Dems to keep House and Senate in Nov.

The abortion talk motivates the left but the economy and inflation sucks.

I think it comes down to the economy, and Republicans take the House but not the Senate.

Ya, but you have to admit…As of a a month or so back. You, like many, just assumed they were taking both.

I don’t know if I ever thought they were getting both.

It’s a tough map for the R’s. They are defending a lot of sets.

Oh, you were just so vehement with your November posts it seemed like you thought it was a cakewalk. May have read you wrong.

You are walking it back, now! A few months ago you were predicting pubs own everything. And tbf, that should have been right. At least you are acknowledging it now. Slow and steady, few more weeks you will be predicting a blue wave everywhere

Republicans have a tougher map in terms of having to defend more seats. It’s just the nature of the map in 2022. Two and four years from now it looks a lot more promising.

I also think they have some pretty weak candidates running, like Dr Oz, for example.

You mean their largely, nationally gerrymandered maps with not 1 but 2 cases going before the conservative supreme kangaroo court soon?

Lastly pubs shouldn’t be in trouble at all in the midterm with Dem president. Yet here we are. From no policies or ideas on how to move the country forward to suggested policies like a national bank in abortion. With Trump still running the party to DeSatan making illegal immigrants millionaires off Florida tax paying citizens.

You don’t offer the people anything except lies and deceit.

I’m not referring to the areas that are drawn for districts but the fact that Republicans have more Senators up for re-election that they have to defend. That inherently makes it harder to win a majority. That changes in two and four years.

But I do agree with you that the messaging from Republicans is bad. They tend to harp on the negatives of Dems rather than offer solutions. Agree with you there.

Oh I understood you the first time. What I’m saying is that pubs have rigged the maps, stacked the courts, are hell bent on removing rights (voting, women’s), have no policies for American people, and should still not be losing midterms. But here we are. The party of do absolutely nothing is losing ground.

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