“Verified and Approved”

Can someone explain why some ballots would have this stamped on them?

What a shit show this audit revealed our elections to be.

I love how the Gateway Pundit is the only one who believes this guy invented email (after it already existed).

This coming from a guy who lost in the 2020 election and is trying to save face.

But enough ad hominem, let’s talk about the duplicate envelopes:

So these scans are NOT counted ballots, they’re received envelopes. Which explains the no signatures on some of them too. When election officials receive an envelope without a signature, they contact the sender and try to get one. Guess what? The envelope will get scanned again! It’s not a duplicate vote.

As far as the ballot stamps, it seems like they stamp the envelopes when they approve them? I don’t understand the problem here.

As for the “pre-printed” nonsense…

When GWP is the only one that reports it, you know people are reaching.

This is hilarious.

GSC I thought this was your Alamo?