Van Dyke

Q: Is TVD just not a good fit for the system Josh Gattis installed, or did Frank Ponce ruin him?


Embrace the healing power of AND

But yea, Gattis offense is trash for his personnel (I think this week hammered that home) and Ponce appears to be the lame ‘bro’ hire we thought he was.

On the upside, I was worried the Mirabal hire was the same but his unit has been decent.

I still can’t get over how awful the offensive scheme is. I mean there is no deep threat and the routes are so slow developing and predictable that MTSU DBs are jumping them. That’s not NFL-bound guys…those are guys who didn’t even get looked at by scouts in HS.

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NEVER liked the Gattis hire. It’s slow, and safe.

Trash out of the gate.

Ehhh not quite that bad…But your point is well taken. It’s not like FAMU, Bethune, though etc

I think it’s a combination of Ponce and Gattis

I won’t give up on Gattis just yet…But I agree with all of you he doesn’t have horses for his offense and doesn’t appear to want to adapt. Besides the power element, Mich looked really good in space last year. So it begs the question Harbaugh or him?

I never understood what on Frank Ponce’s resume was so attractive? And even in a struggling offense, Van Dyke shouldn’t have fallen off the map. He is a below average QB right now even when accounting for drops.

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Does Malik get any credit for being his private QB coach?

If we are pointing fingers, I’d say it comes down to Gattis. TVD isn’t comfortable which comes down to the OC. The QB coach can work on his footwork and physicals. He can help him with film study and learning the playbook BUT the OC has to call plays that TVD can understand and execute. The same should be true for all players on the field. I’ve seen a ton of rounded routes and bad execution all around. This is 100% a coaching and playbook issue. Very Dan Enos-like IMO.

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And one more thing

If you want to be such a fucking power football short yardage team…Sneak the god damn ball on 4th and <1

It is a crime that we didn’t see one sneak Saturday considering we were that committed to pounding it

Rosier? Is this a joke? That guy should not be allowed near any UM QB

Not joking. Check twitter for Rosier wanting TVD to get the start vs UNC… wonder if he has any reasons for TVD to get the start. YES, Rosier worked with TVD.

I still would put the blame on Gattis, Ponce, and TVD. Heck, Gattis and Ponce should have told TVD to stop working with Rosier.

Wow. Stay away Malik!

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