Van Dyke is

the best QB we have had since Dorsey.

i still want diaz fired btw

Diaz doesn’t deserve to be fired unless he loses out. And even then after losing his starting QB and best two RB’s, not so much. He just beat two very good teams. He ain’t getting fired unless he loses to GT, FSU and Duke.

The way TVD is playing, Miami has a chance to win out. If Miami goes 3-1, they finish 7-5. Not great but given the injuries and the narrow losses to UVA and UNC, Diaz keeps his job. And if the kid makes a chip shot FG, Miami beats UVA.

Bama and MSU are Top 10 teams. No shame in losing to them.

Not seeing a case for firing Diaz if the team finishes the season well.

Next year is his make or break year IMHO.


I agree - as long as we finish the season strong I don’t think he gets fired. That said I still don’t think he’s the right guy long term.

He may have just saved his job the last couple weeks.



100% true. As tired as we are of it, we’ve had 2 seasons of an injured King. All our stats of Manny losing X games out of the last 10 or so are pretty much due to injury.


Well, to clarify, I’m talking about from an “out” perspective. Diaz has lots of outs.

I’m not saying he hasn’t been incompetent in managing aspects of the team until now.

He is the first QB we have had since Dorsey with a full skill set, but with even more to bring to the table. I don’t want to jinx anything, and the coaching staff still sucks…But TVD may be the most talented potential wise, we have had since the 80’s. Dudes legit size, strong arm and can throw from different angles with touch. With all the bullshit going on with this program, it’s insanely fun to watch a guy just go out and sling it! That seam pass that split two defenders for the TD was insane, along with many other passes he has done the past two games. FINALLY a fucking QB. Good lord it’s a miracle.

He said if the team finishes well…Everything you said has you on board if he we don’t win another game.

Dorsey was great, but he didn’t have a “full skill set”. He had a release, a football mind, toughness and accuracy. He had a pea shooter and was only one step above Kaaya (which is sometime enough, Kaaya was in cement) as a statue.

But man was he great.

Lemme clarify, lol…Meant BUT with a full skill set, AND first one since Dorsey! Yes Dorsey didn’t have a strong arm.

Indeed. And he obviously had an easier job with the unprecedented amount of talent around him.

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It has been a lot of years since we’ve had a game won by a QB’s arm. King played some great games owing to his rushing skills. However, It was pure arm talent that won the Pitt game. It was one of the most extraordinary individual performances we’ve seen in nearly two decades.

The team is playing very hard for Manny. The last two games were upset wins. Imagine the Hurricanes actually upsetting two favored teams.back to back. IMO, Manny saved his job.

We need to take Ga Tech seriously. Losing to Tech would be ignominious. We’d return to the doldrums so fast that our heads would be spinning. As well as TVD played, even the best QBs have their bad days. Yesterday, for example, even the great Tom Brady did not play like Tom Brady. As a Miami fan, I’ve learned never to underestimate the Canes penchant for stinking it up. Let’s hope that consistency of play continues and we avoid the late season swoon.

Lashlee called a good game against Pitt. You didn’t see too many no motion rushing plays stuffed at the line of scrimmage. Rooster becomes an offensive weapon if given space to operate. No way however that Rooster moves a pile of tacklers.

I’ll actually be more impressed when we can win twice in a row as a home favorite against non-fcs opponents lol…That’s the prob under Diaz.

Ehh mixed emotions here

TVD can definitely play and his potential is very good. And Lashlee is a better OC with him at QB.

But Manny’s defense is terrible. He’s getting bailed
Out because the kids he didn’t want to play are playing far better than the upperclassmen.

Having said that, the kids do play hard for him. I will wait to see how the next four games
Play out but I may stay the execution

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Manny’s defense is not strong, but Manny DOES make adjustments. A case in point is the second half of the UNC game. In the first half UNC had their way with the Miami defense. Not so in the second half, and had the game lasted another two or three minutes, we might have won it as TVD began to display some true talent at the QB position.

When your defense surrenders yardage, you must depend on big defensive plays, sacks, hurries, and turnovers to mitigate deficiencies. We surrendered a lot of yardage and points to Pittsburgh but we did stop them enough times to wind up on the right side of the scoreboard. Pittsburgh has a VERY good offense as seen the week before when they defeated Clemson handily. Their QB has suffered only two interceptions the entire season. To their credit, the very young Hurricanes are playing with unusual enthusiasm that is indicative of coaching skill. Speaking of calculated risk, you’ve got to give Manny some credit for choosing to play so many younger guys. I love the Williams kid. When he grows into his body, he’s going to be a terror on the field.

I enjoyed the Pitt game more than any game in the last few years. It was simply great entertainment. TVD put on a clinic, one of the All Time great UM performances… Rooster displayed talent at RB, and Rambo made some paranormal catches. Even Mallory who couldn’t block my grandmother caught a spectacular razzle dazzle play for a TD. I have never understood why Lashlee doesn’t run a bevy of slant plays to Mallory; I suspect he doesn’t trust Mallory running slants. Mallory does need to beef up in the weight room. Mallory should be a better player than he is. I’d like to see more of Arroyo, another guy who needs to bulk up.

My greatest criticism on offense is that I’d like to see more motion in the backfield, greater emphasis on deception, more counters, and I love screen passes against the flow. I like formations using two RBs especially in the red zone, both for blocking and slipping a receiver out of the backfield. We really need to work on short yardage plays in the red zone.

The only problem is these teams were only favored because Miami crapped the bed losing easy games. If we had won the games we were supposed to, we would have been favored for both these games. Keep in mind we have beaten NC State and Pitt the last 2 seasons before this one.

But Manny is definitely keeping the team playing for him, which says a lot.