Uvalde Police

This is wild. Heard the story today and couldn’t believe it.

Nothing will happen. We have no law in Texas really. Our AG has been indicted on 7 felony counts, 7 years ago and hasn’t stood trial. A few years ago, practically his whole office quit and came out as whistleblowers stating he’s selling justice and abusing the office. In Dallas, the police came right out and stated they aren’t going after low level crimes. Not enough people considering they pay badly and the city council stole the pension and drained it. Even guys who retired years ago got screwed. Then, they “magically” lost the data in an update last year.
That’s not even talking about the Texas Rangers…a no no talking topic here. But, take a little time on that one. It takes some time. Let’s just say…if you have a person who you need gone and you have money, they can be gone in no time…watched closely as some of that threat played out in a certain family’s drama regarding the fortune from a well known hotel empire and the patriarch’s lawyer who had to flee the country one morning. He’s also a friend of the company. The cartels have nothing on the Rangers.

This is so hard to read



As the nation deals with yet another mass shooting, similarities are being drawn between the Highland Park suspect and other recent high-profile shooting suspects. @CBS_Herridge has more on the warning signs that may have been missed.