USC DLine transfer

jake lichtenstein

Good get

He is 4 years older now. 6-6 and 270-ish these days.

Looks like he has 2? years of eligibility left?

Seems to be rumors swirling we are going to 3 man front…I don’t think our roster fits that. This kid kinda would. He’s versatile though. Not a superstar but played well for USC this year and Cristobal knows the pac 12.

Seems like a backup to me. Confused on this take.

I’m a little confused too…But I’m thinking Cristobal MAY Be leaning 3-4 or was just really impressed with kid at USC

I was expecting a DE portal kid…This kid seems versatile, and our DE play was not a strength by any means. Doesn’t seem like a pure 4-3 end though. Possibly strongside?

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1 year to play?

We have room and need. I’d rather wait for better but he does fit the SDE mold for 3-4 but I also think we have some including LT.