Upperclassmen for next year

Gonna be a portal year like no other across cfb this year…So listing tiers for who I want to see stay next year (Diaz has a tendency to play bum upperclassmen) and who I don’t want to. Not listing kids burred on depth chart or who I think will def stay (J.Miller for instance has a nice shot next year to have a big last year)

**Fuck no Category by themselves: (I never want to see these kids play at um again) **

**No unless they realize they are clear backups: **
Gaynor. (Because Clark is better and I know Diaz won’t sit Gaynor)
**Hall (gave up…was big fan) **
**C. Harris- d onMt mind him, just don’t want him stealing studs’ carries **

**Neutral but meh: **
Steed (Again, I don’t mind him…But Diaz is too loyal to these types while more athletic backers can’t see the field)
Blades - We could use him but not sure he’s interested in football anymore, partially all the injuries and health stuff but the kid has always seemed to be more interested with his off the field and brand stuff

Could help but not must:

Frierson- If Williams stays safety, and Harrell does too or remains a noon-factor…We need him or portal to compete with Chase Smith next year at striker.

D. Johnson- has taken step forward last 2-3 games, finally getting some pressure. Again as a top 4 type ok… I don’t want kids to sit behind these types like he’s a bona fide starter

Please come back: (first two can REEEALLLY make us a nice team next year)

Stevenson- (He could have a big November, playing well after sloppiness early)

Nelson- (doubt he leaves, can bet a top 10 LT in the nation next year, like some hyped him to be next year…He’s not perfect, but he has developed into a slightly above average LT who can take next step)

Silvera- Maybe not PLEASE/or as urgent as other two…Because unlike LT/CB we have some youngsters to be excited about. I think he can sneak in mid/late rds…And could see why he’d take that shot as unlike some of these kids, he’s played a lot of good football at UM. Decent career here. But would definitely welcome back.


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