UM players who may switch or contribute at multiple positions

Jalen Rivers- G or T

Ryan Rodriguez- looks like he can project multiple positions on OL

Brashard Smith- He is very likely a WR…But at some point may contribute as a change of pace running back.

Elijah Roberts- DT or DE (DT still likely, but maybe a versatile kid that moves around)

Jason Blissett- DT or DE… I believe he wasn’t as good carrying more weight. Seems like staying at DE but who knows

Leonard Taylor- Like Brashard Smith maybe shouldn’t be on here, but early career I can seem contributing to a thin DE depth chart. Definitely a DT long-rum

Thomas Davis- Likely DE, maybe LB

Avery Huff- WLB or striker?

Keontra Smith- Looked great at striker…With as loaded as we are there, if an LB doesn’t step up I can see this kid also contributing as a more natural LB

Tyler Johnson- Likely LB, maybe DE

Chase Smith- Striker seems like his likely spot. Who knows though…WR, S, or even TE with weight gain.

Keyswhawn Washington - S/Striker

Jalen Harrell- S/Striker

James Williams- Safety/Striker/DE/OLB…I like him best at FS. We shall see.

Malik Curtis - WR/CB

Other than that I’m sure a couple backups on the OL practice at multiple spots…And I’m not distinguishing between kids that play SS or FS.

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James Williams- he didn’t seem to take the best angles. I could see him at DE or OLB assuming he continues to add weight.

I read something about McCloud switching from LB to DE.

Entering his 17th year at Miami, I imagine he might play both positions depending on who is hurt or suspended during the course of the season.

McCloud came to UM aged 17. Leaving at 23 and he is 4 years younger than our oldest player, Hedley!

UM the BYU of the east!
Oldest: Hedley 27
6th year players: King 24, Williams 24, McCloud 23
5th year: Donaldson(I believe he can play a 6th year), Ford, Carter (if he returns), Harley

All of a sudden UM can’t get rid of players lol

I don’t understand the hype with this kid. He’s big, but not a big hitter, like you said - takes bad angles, doesn’t seem to be a ball hawk… I think they’ll let him play safety (maybe striker) even though he should grow into a LB or even a DE. Basically Ray Ray Armstrong all over again minus the big hits.

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I’ve seen some big hits…And he does seem to be a ball hawk

I’ll admit he’s riskier than people think because he may not have a true position. But the hype is obviously based on a 6’5 kid that moves well with ball skills

Hedley doesn’t count. He’s an Aussie and a punter to boot.

And he didn’t start Kindergarten until he was 15 because he lived in the jungle.

I’m fine with letting his body and development determine his position. He very well could be done growing and thus be a good FS with good coaching. He could also add 40lbs and be one hellva DE/OLB.