Typical Right Wing Lies

……and crickets from the GSC’s of the board here.

It’s only fake news if it comes from CNN!

I click on about 1 of 10 of Warden’s partisan sheep stories

Why can’t he put them all in one thread?

Also…Don’t forget

His side is “truth tellers” ya know

Partisan sheep shit…Brainwashed little turd

How come you aways miss these stories Warden?

Why do you only focus on those you hate?

I was too busy ready about actual issues, like the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. But, good to know you’re keeping up with the Twitter gossip. I save the Karen videos for Tik Tok time. Not surprised at your priorities

You’ve posted articles/events like these for months about republicans. But ignore the Democrat ones.

You’ve posted about 3-4 months of national enquirer worthy far right updates…Now you’re worried about actual issues right?

The partisan sheep is formidable in this one.

GSC - to be fair - you don’t exactly post these negative stories that happen on the right. Face it.

Really? Show me one where they just got drunk and acted like an ass.

I’ll wait…