Tulsi gets it

And she’s gorgeous. Wish she was better on domestic policy.

She’s a pro-Russian, pro-Assad cultist who’s only support comes from you right wing traitors.

You regularly show you have no support for law in general, our laws as a country, or any concern if YOUR guys violate said laws. You’re a fascist, nothing more. You hate the US as we represent everything you’re against, and you support our enemies…just like the cultist Tulsi

Made me laugh. You are so in love with yourself. Do you reread your comments after you make them a couple of times?

Says the guy who thinks his opinion tops the Dictionary, thinks he has a direct lineage to God’s word, thinks he’s smarter than all of NASA and 750 years of astronomical research.

You’re a character study in narcissism

I dont think my opinion tops dictionaries. I think established etymologies do.

Now you’re just making things up.

How many changes and about faces were made by these people in that span of time?

None that related to the earth NOT revolving around the sun, that’s for sure. But, thanks for proving the point once again

I never said the earth doesn’t revolve around the sun lol. Never. Not once.

I never said the earth was flat. I don’t believe either of those things.

What I did say is we’ve never observed either and that our beliefs are built upon models with assumptions hilt into them.

They very well could be true, but I’m an agnostic when it comes to these topics. I’m open to listening to all sides and hearing all evidence and all models.

Why that bothers you is beyond me but I think it has to do with your needing to control the way people think. It’s a you thing. Not a me thing.

Tulsi is one of the few Democrats for whom I might vote. She is also easy on the eyes. It’s hard to reject a candidate who is svelte.

She recognizes that Putin is a formidable leader while Biden is an utter failure. She probably perceives Assad as I do. He’s the best among the worst in Syria. There are no good guys in Syria.

There is only one civilized nation in the Middle East, and that happens to be Israel. Radical Islamists believe that their nations strive toward perfection under Allah, but are always vexxed by the “little Satan,” aka Israel. Always needing someone to hate in terms of moral superiority, Arabs of course want to annihilate Israel. Hatred is so much a part of Islam, that were Israel to cease to exist, Arabs would invent a nation, an Israel surrogate on whom to inveigh their hatred

Not all Arabs are haters. Some are splendid humans, (I think I’d trade Warden any day of the week for one of the Arab spledides), but Islamic insanity is rife in the Middle East and has prevented these countries from prospering so they hunt for a scapegoat upon which to hang their failure. What a shame that Israel does not govern the Middle East. Israel would turn a shithole into an Eden.

Liberalism too is much like Islam and its need for hatred. In this forum for example you have none haters such as yours truly.and GSC on one hand while on the other you have Djrion and Warden, both liberals, both haters. We as conservative have much greater tolerance. As I have often said, liberals are the haters among us.

Um…you’re the guy who praises motives of mass murderers and praised the idea of rich men forcing themselves into situation in which they watch little girls get dressed, all on the measure of their wealth as a key to access.

That makes you a shitbag, a bad soul and negates any opinion you have on any subject

I have great respect for women, and I treat them accordingly. Over the years, I have bought them cars, jewelry, breast implants, paid their rents, taken them on fabulous vacations, and with me they’ve drunk thousands of bottles of champagne. Following my counsel, several of my women friends have become millionaires. All of the women whom I love still to my knowledge love me. You see, I am not a hater. I am lifetime supporter of women’s rights including their right to govern their own bodies. Were I to die, and I had the chance to live again, I’d choose to come back as bikki228’s girlfriend.

President Trump has a wonderful reputation among women whom he dated. You’ll recall the NY Times wrote a hit piece interviewing women whom Trump dated. Later, the women whom they quoted wrote back complaining about the article and unanimously proclaimed Trump to be a most urbane, well behaved person on dates, a veritable paragon of virtue. Making him out as a voyeur is a liberal libel, another example of liberal hatred. Hatred is the province of liberalism. My friend Skeeter has got you pegged.

You openly supported mass murders, and forcing little girls to be watched while they undress by rich men, and cheered it.
Nothing you say means anything beyond that. Your character is laid bare for all to see. It is seldom to meet such a vile and disgusting individual as yourself

Sure she is…

Yeah you’re not FAR left, huh?

No, no, no GS…They TELL you what you SAID and also what you MEANT…Then they throw a tantrum over it.

Rinse/Repeat…Meltdown wack jobs. That’s all they are.

The irony if this statement from THIS guy

I’m not into appearance bashing, but is there a different Tulsi Gabbard that you’re getting confused with?

I know you are but what am I?

Running out of tantrums huh? How about some more Vox links for backup?

Lost little distraught partisan sheep…

for real!

To each his own. I find her attractive.

I think Tulsi is hot stuff and am certain that given enough thought about her I could create in my mind a senior fantasy about Tulsi. Lately, she has spoken with authority regarding immigration, excessive government spending, and our stupid posture in the Ukrainian conflict.

I have often said that I suspected Djrion was a low T guy. Now, I think 305, a prodigy with regard to assessing wine, has an aesthetic disability. I suppose beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Maybe 305 likes the fat chicks, the ones protesting about abortion, the one’s called out by our local congressman Matt Gaetz.

She’s fuckable