Try to be less white

That’s what Coca Cola says.

Not even sure if I have to comment further.

I’m sure @djrion approves of this message.

Need to understand everything in context for this example you posted. I know nothing of who this person is and the intentions of the org. Im guessing we are only seeimg part truth here as conservative media goes.

But yes, generally support the notion of white privilege and think it should be taught at a very young age.

As an older white guy, I know for a fact that there is privilege. Male vs Female- 100%! White vs Minority- 100%. What I can’t wrap my head around is how the above type of instruction really changes things.

I’m not sure I can get on-board with this type of stuff really helping but I also don’t have a good solution or solutions. The above just don’t seem to be the direction that fits for me as isn’t building up females and minorities. Instead, it is attempting to devalue whites. Can we not value all differences?

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I think that’s a fairly valid point IF the material above is what is being diseminatied. In my studies within the area, I’ve never seen it addressed so negatively. This seems more like a white power propaganda than “classroom” materials to me. But would have to research the authors, publications, and other material content to see I guess.

Corporations never fail at delivering comedy.

I have to seriously consider whether I’ll buy another Coca Cola product ever again.

This is abhorrent. If there was any other race listed there - people would be not only getting fired but have picketers at their homes and death threats.

Whites are the new Jews. Very sad.

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Lol look at the little sheep in this thread defending it.

Like Coca Cola gives one fuck about African Americans other than making sure they get their money

Here I thought the only people still defending this white privilege shit were 40 year old white karens and 33 year old white liberal college graduates chanting that BLM brainwash bc all of a sudden they realize their degrees ain’t shit and they wanna go live in a black neighborhood to chisel a buck.

Black friends, acquaintances, and friends of friends or that I come across bust balls over this shit and joke…They know it’s a bunch of bullshit. White Guilt is hilarious and a sign of severe mental disorder

Whit privilege your filthy whore mother’s cunny…you filthy mother’s whore cunny…That’s the white priv I got for ya…Your dirty mama’s kitty kat

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That’s a pretty offensive presentation and I wouldn’t participate/sign off on it no matter what race it said to be less of.

It looks like Coca Cola essentially purchased this training from someone and that other companies probably use it too?

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