Trumps Buddy "the butcher"

The art of the deal

How come you don’t mention the 5 that Obama Biden released?


Previously, Djrion, you expressed a sympathy for Hamas which indiscriminately was raining rockets down on Israel trying to evoke terror. Now you are calling a terrorist member of the Taliban a butcher… It seems you are rather inconsistent in your opinions of respective Muslim homicidal maniacs. No way Trump would have executed the Afghan withdrawal so inexpertly as did Biden,. Failure is already settling in as the hallmark of this administration.

Excellent post Bikki! He’s a hypocrite!

Extolling liberal rubbish is becoming more difficult after each Biden failure. Trump’s predictions of the Biden presidency are being realized in just a matter of months. I recall a while back, Djrion chiding the room with an insufferable air of superiority that we oppose CRT not because it is pure unexpurgated racism, but because we don’t understand it. Just the opposite happens to be true. Djrion apparently is incapable of discerning racism when he encounter it. Fortunately, he has us to steer him way from total jackasery. At least Dj doesn’t threaten to leave us as does Warden whose absence moistens my eyesockets.

I wonder what quotations are used for? Perhaps they mean something when one writes. Who knows? Perhaps some will take some time to learn.

What does Obama have to do with trump and his buddy, “the butcher?”

What does hamas have to do with trumps buddy, “the butcher?”

We are talking about neither Obama nor hamas.

This story, to me, reflects another attempt to prop up another crony in a leadership position who will eventually fail like all the unregistered foreign agents have previously for trump. I guess “the butcher” might be successful, only time will tell. And depending on what your definition of success is.