Trump World’s Mar-a-Lago Offensive Backfires

You need to post the article. It’s paywalled.

What and subsidize your education? Listen, I’m tired of paying for slugs like you to leech off taxpayers like me to further your education. Pay your own way, socialist scum!!! What about all the other people who have already paid!!!

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What a corny comment. I’m not asking for myself…. I assumed you wanted the board to read the content since you took the time to post it.

I’d assume the vast majority don’t subscribe.

This guy always goes out of his way to show what a scumbag he is.

Pretty sure the cry-laughing emojis indicate it was a joke.

I assume Warden doesn’t have a sub and didn’t read the article himself.

The fact that they don’t get this was a play on the student loan forgiveness shows quite a bit about their mental capacity

Still believe it was sincere but it’s more indicative of your troll nature.