Trump WH Followed NO RULES

Lol. CNN

See, now there’s another example of what I presented before as a lack of integrity.

It’s not CNN, it’s Trump’s WH Press Secretary. CNN didn’t make that claim. The person who was literally there, hired by Trump, and in the inner circle on a daily basis who made that statement.

The more I discuss with you conservative folks, the more it seems the only real common factor is a lack of integrity, a willingness to be dishonest, etc. The only policies that seem to matter are race related.


I’m just doing what you do man. You don’t see the irony?

Completely over your head.

Daily Beast, RAW, CNN. You go for those hard lefty sites but then bash Breitbart, Gateway, etc.

Back at you hypocrite


Partisan sheep is the term I use…But hypocrite works too

Notice he made it about race again…Pure partisan sheep/delusional progressive giveaway

The fact that you equate the Gateway Pundit and Breitbart to CNN or the NY Times says quite a bit.
Again, you conservatives had to literally create your own media infrastructures to promulgate the lies…CNN isn’t a liberal station. Liberals just use consensus to make decisions, peer reviews, fact checkers, etc and they come from mainstream places like NY Time or CNN. Do they get it wrong sometimes? Sure. That’s quite a difference from sources like Breitbart or Gateway Pundit which routinely fail fact checks on almost every article, get called out for hiring and providing platforms for people who are known white supremacists or the like, and were created to counter mainstream narratives. Hoft at the Gateway was literally known as the Stupidest Man on the Internet for a decade.

Again…common factor - lack of integrity, willingness to be dishonest, etc.

Caught the dishonesty here folks!

I didn’t say NY Times. I said Raw and Daily Beast and CNN. Can’t even be honest when he talks about someone’s integrity.

I get that you come here for entertainment. But this is pretty funny. Dude just outed himself after trying to be the board moral high ground guy.


That’s your comeback? I wrote the NY Times?

Again, nothing has been addressed that it’s a direct quote from the video of the WH Press Secretary under Trump. This is why I keep going back to integrity. I’m definitely not the most moral cat on here, no chance. I know me, but I do engage in these discussions from an honest standpoint. I’m actually curious as to the generic conservative response to some of this stuff, from small shit to overwhelmingly bad. You folks, consistently, downplay anything against your team 100% of the time regardless of what it is, no matter what. You don’t appear to be engaging in the conversation honestly.

Hard to come up with other conclusions other than the relating factor in being a conservative is a lack of integrity, comfort with dishonesty, and distrust for source material with a penchant for conspiracy. Nothing new really, you’re the same as the John Birth people of the 50s, but now you’re in the majority in your party.

LOL…That would speak be way too much of a compliment

CNN = QAnon West. Plain and simple.