Trump voter fraud, more and more daily

Voter fraud vs election fraud nitwit. How many times do we have to outline this for you.

Well, this is voter fraud, hence being called VOTER FRAUD in the header, dipshit.

Now election fraud is what Trump tried to do and what Republicans are doing all over the country

"Election fraud, of which we have an ongoing example by Republicans in North Carolina, is the deliberate disruption of the voting process: in this case, by literally stealing ballots and not turning them in, or changing the votes indicated by voters, or by hacking voting machines, all of which have been done in the US, mainly by Republican state governments. It also includes purging legal citizens from voter rolls, using one excuse or another to keep certain constituencies from being able to vote. These methods mainly target minorities and the elderly, who tend to vote Democratic.

Other Republican techniques of election fraud have been to distribute false information about locations and working hours of voting places.

At this point in our history, free and fair elections are threatened, purposely, by today’s Republican Party. They weren’t always that evil. Now, though, they’re the party of Trump."

Now, trying to stage and coup and to subvert the United States Constitution is what happened on Jan 6 with Trumpkins, of which you support.

Face it. You’re the worst kind of American. What filth