Trump Trash

These are always fun…not the article in particular, but what kind of people we’re dealing with when we’re dealing with Trump supporters in the streets

Enrique Tarrio

Served as the Chairman for the Proud Boys.
Convicted of theft at 20 in 2004
Convicted for rebranding and reselling stolen medical devices 2013
2021 misdemeanor destruction of property
2021 - 2 felony counts of possession of a high capacity feeding device

Outside of crime, never had an actual job until Trump, when he started a pro-Trump t-shirt store
Lived with his mom until, maybe even now

“Prolific informant” to FBI and local law enforcement after being arrested several times - identified steroid dealers, illegal gambling, marijuana grow houses, and human smuggling. One might think that’s awesome, but do you know anyone who does this stuff? Dude, was living a life of crime in some really shady circles.

Real winners.

until he went to jail, is the answer. But yes, maybe even now that he’s out.

No matter what…Anyone against BLM is in the right on that matter.

Also…I’m sure we could go deep into some criminal records of the higher ups that lead much of the BLM bullshit in the street.

Fake ass, fraud, communist pushing organization that is.

Fugg 'em.

I don’t think anyone in this forum has their star hitched to Enrique Torres or the proud boys.

Wasn’t it recently revealed he was an FBI informant.

Patterns fellas. Patterns.

The pattern is that Trump people are frauds…

Trump people are traditional Americans. Many of them joined the Tea Party and conducted themselves in a civilized manner, always cleaning up after rallies. Supporting Trump is a total rejection of radical wokeism. Trumpers support capitalism, private property rights, and INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY. Trumpers don’t burn down police stations, burn down private businesses, tear down statues of great men, murder cops, send thousands into hospitals, despoil public places with litter, crap on sidewalks. They are responsible citizens, taxpayers, not welfare chiselers or societal menaces. These are the fundamental differences in Americans and liberal jerks.

That’s basically THE reason I supported and voted for him. Perfectly summed up