Trump’s Tax Returns

House Ways and Means Committee received them today. 3 thoughts:

1 Mueller already had full access to them.

  1. It’s a Republican House. So nothing will come if it.

  2. What the hell do they think a tax return is going to show? Who lists crimes on their returns lmao.

This is such theatre for dummies it kills me.

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I’m sure the boys from the Oath Keepers feel the same way.

I have no clue what the returns may show. Maybe nothing. That said, if they were nothing, why has he been fighting their release for years?

If they do show something nefarious - I know we can all count on you to be first in line with 100 excuses defending them.

I’m sure that’s what he was thinking considering he’s fought tooth and nail to have them secret since 2015

What happened to Nixon? You sure do speak about stuff an awful lot that you have no idea what you are even talking about.

the fascination/obsession about this guy’s tax returns is really something. i wonder what people think they’re going to find? financial ties to russia? if there was anything there it would’ve been brought up in the mueller investigation.

i’m still waiting for the trump ‘N’ word tape that the left swears exists.

In fairness, I do think a lot of the allure is because he’s A) extremely controversial and B) most presidents have released them. So naturally people would wonder what they would contain if he was so defensive about releasing them. Who knows? Maybe they’re completely normal and he set all this up just to tell the left to suck it. Maybe not, I guess we’ll see

You mean why didn’t he just release them and not have it tied up in court for years?

Everything you listed about mueller says nothing about my statement.

Not accurate. Mueller explicitly didn’t look at the finances

No kidding? Who on the left “swears” that or even cares at this point? I’m sure you have a list…

Yes he did. Reread his answer lol.