Trump Jr. Rags Alec Baldwin

Though Baldwin fired the gun, I don’t think a case of manslaughter would succeed against him. This does not mean that there isn’t a criminal case in this mess, but it’s rather evident that the shooting was a terrible accident. There may be criminal action forthcoming against the production person in charge of weapons. As a producer, I think Baldwin definitely faces liability suits in civil court but the severity of the liability would be determined contractually.

I don’t blame Trump Jr. for going after Baldwin, because Baldwin has a long record of trying to humiliate President Trump as well as his family. Being a Trump supporter, I dislike Baldwin’s past behavior and hot-headedness though I find him a very good actor. Were it myself, I would refrain from bashing the guy when he’s down, but I wonder whether I’d feel that way were it my family treated so harshly and unfairly by Baldwin.

Laslty, my being an atheist is supported by disbelief that any deity purported to love mankind would allow people to die by mishap. This idea became embedded in my mind years ago when a very brave guy who won the Congressional Medal of Honor, facing tremendous danger, surviving against insurmountable odds, retired and while walking in Wilton Manor, Florida, was killed instantly by a puff of wind that ripped loose a metal sign striking fatally the brave man’s head. Religious people always reply that man has no ability to understand God’s ways which in my mind is an insufficient explanation for such an unjust end of the gift of life.

Give me a break. Baldwin is a comedian. Who cares?

Trump Jr proving the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in terms of his behavior towards Baldwin. As always, the Trump’s are classless.

Baldwin’s comedy is not innocuous fun but ridiculing satire, funny to some, but humiliating or embarrassing to the persons who are the objects of such derision. Being a comedian does not give anyone immunity from either slander or libel laws. The New York Time and CNN will attest to this as they made Nick Sandmann a millionaire.

Well said, bikki. Your comments on the situation are surprisingly balanced and reasonable.

Awww. Did he hurt Trump’s feelings? What a pansy. Lighten up. Thats what comes with being a huge public figure and pop culture icon.

You rail about how soft and sensitive America has gotten - where everyone is offended by anything. And in many respects, I absolutely agree with you.

But you come to Trump’s defense because a comedian made fun of him? Then grin and laugh when Trump ridicules Baldwin after he accidentally killed someone ? Are you serious?

These two things aren’t in the same universe.

Turn the tables and you’d without a doubt be calling out Dems as having no class. The hypocrisy is embarrassing at this point.

And the Trump’s wonder why so many despise them.

CNN and the NYT paid dearly - as they should. They also aren’t comedians making jokes about someone. Your comparison is irrelevant.

Can’t wait to see Baldwin’s Biden impressions.

I think they’d be good. And you know what? I’m going to laugh. Because it’s comedy. I’m not going to come on here trashing comedians to make fun of him.

Hell, he deserves to be made fun of. Did you see me come on here trashing Jim Carey for his impressions of him?

The Trump’s talk a big game, but their all a bunch of softies.

apple meet tree

Baldwin’s hatred of Trump extends far beyond his comedic performances. Some of the things Baldwin has said would be actionable were Trump just an ordinary lay citizen rather than the president. Baldwin in my eyes is a very good actor but a skunkoid human.

It’s starting to occur even to the most committed Democrats that Trump was a superior president in every way to the demented fool now in the White House. Twenty years from now, Trump will have the same stature as Lincoln or Reagan. He was a GREAT president. Twenty years from now, Djrion will be telling his grand kids how he was an early supporter of the Great Orange Man. Age of course has no effect on Pinocchio Syndrome