Trump invited him to dinner


That was not easy to listen to.

There are lots of them.

Nick Fuentes is way out on the fringe.

If you believe Candace Owens is far right, then this guy is falling off the cliff.

I can be wrong because I don’t follow him at al but I’d imagine his following is extremely marginal/minimal.

Personally I think the guy is a plant.

If I “believe” Candace Owens is far right?


Marginal? He was invited to dinner with the former President.

If the guy who most similarly mirrors my own views was this guy, I’d pretend he’s a plant too.

It’s already known that Kanye West brought him without announcing it to Trump.

Ah, so Kanye was the guest. I guess that makes it alright, huh?

What I’m saying is that Trump didn’t invite him. I think the story is that Trump wanted to be respectful/courteous. Allowed him in. Didn’t really know the guy.

Right, right…so Trump invited the Nazi supporter Kanye and he then brought the Nazi Nick Fuentes, who’s held rallies where Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Green has spoken along with Congressman Paul Gosar.

I’m sure that’s much better in your mind.

Kayne, he got some of that Kim K…tang and something went off in his mind. Anyone that says Hitler did some good things is off their rocker. You lose all credibility. Alex Jones dumb ass is finally starting pay the victims off…it’s amazing