Trump Ally Ken Paxton

It’s almost a lock that if you’re on Team Trump, you’re a criminal

Corruption to the core…and all so he could have an easier affair. Typical Trumper

Ruh roh

Lol I don’t know who Ken Paxton is

We could draw reasonable conclusions frommmmmm……

No evidence.

How do people still tune into this shit?

Why no update?

You have a remarkable propensity to side with the most corrupt in the available area. Says quite a bit about your lack of character, and morality


And your point? The Senators, just like in Trump’s case, were as corrupt as Paxton.

The arbiter of the case was LITERALLY paid $3 million

Did you ready anything about the case at all? The facts of it weren’t disputed…he misused his office for a donor, illegally, and used taxpayer $ to buy shit for his mistress, get her jobs and move her closer to him so he wouldn’t have to drive so far.

He still has 6 felony indictments from like 7 years ago, they’ve blocked trial on this whole time

Again, you show time and time again that you don’t actually have any integrity whatsoever, no care at all for any of the “issues” or “values” you claim. Instead, you vehemently support the most corrupt in the conversation, 100% of the time. What should we expect though, right? You’ve show your only consistency is to the worst possible choice to every conversation.