Transfer Portal Reopens

Losing two RB’s apparently. Brown leaving is no surprise, he is 4th string.

Miami at 87? scholarship players and a very young team overall, not a lot of seniors.

One of the RB, Parrish…Has been known for 2-3 weeks. Citizen announced today.

As for overall numbers…we are probably going to bring in between 3-5 new players…So basically gonna need between 5-7 more to leave.

I hate college sports today, tough to even root for.

Anyway…from that current list, I’d say Redding, at least 1 of Nelson/Denis, at least 1 of Gore/Campbell, and Balom are safe bets to be gone.

Then barring surprises (which would be a surprise in and of itself)
Most likely other possibilities imo

  • Another QB
  • Robbie Washington (I hope not)
  • McCormick
  • the other of Nelson/Denis
  • R-Rod/Carpenter (reports are Carp may be losing his starting C job already, not sure how true)
  • Bobby Washington/Chase Smith
  • Feeney

Yeah, I am with you on college sports right now. This second window is insane. However, I am hoping that we bring in some much needed DB help more than anything.

Definite Portal Additions
RB (clear top need)

Probable Portal Additional

Possible Portal Addtions

There its a chance…Or a frosh or soph talent they can’t pass up
DB #2
RB #2

JMO, I hear we are actively pursuing a DT, but I honestly think you only take a kid there if it’s a major talent.

Do we have a good enough offense + QB to draw an upperclass WR who wants to make a splash in Miami?

That seems so unproven imo.

Not that it can’t happen, nor would it surprise me from this staff from a recruiting standpoint. Hope they do.

I can’t remember the last time we had what would be considered an “older team”, which I assume implies upperclassmen making up the bulk of the roster.

Any chance we ever seen anything like that again? I mean, who’s got the time to hang around?

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Isn’t there a 46 year old TE on the roster?

All kidding aside, there are quite a few upperclassmen. Around 30% of the team. There are even 6 “Sixth-year Redshirt Seniors”… I did not know that was even a thing.

Class grouping Total Number Percentage of total
Freshman 16 17.4%
Redshirt Freshman 20 21.7%
Sophomore 13 14.1%
Redshirt Sophomore 14 15.2%
Junior 5 5.4%
Redshirt Junior 5 5.4%
Fourth-Year Junior 1 1.1%
Fifth-Year Redshirt Junior 5 5.4%
Redshirt Senior 5 5.4%
Fifth-Year Senior 2 2.2%
Sixth-Year Redshirt Senior 6 6.5%
Class grouping Total Number Percentage of total
Underclass 63 68.5%
Upperclass 29 31.5%

I really hope so…But honestly, the approach, at least reading on 247 and DMoney on CIS is that they are shooting high at WR, that they really like Horton’s step forward to replace Young and they don’t want to block Trader, Joseph, and Carr from seeing the field unless it’s a real stud in front of them.

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According to 89’s figures, Miami has about 14% seniors of various vintages.

So, most of the team should be returning next year (before transfers, of course.)

Martinez to UM!

Thoughts? Don’t know anything about him tbh

One of the 8-10 best returning RB in the nation

Big bruising back with nice feet.

Really like this kid. Watched plenty of Oregon State games and he was a big reason why they won last year.

Someone who can immediately contribute and make an impact on the team? How’d that happen?

Someone who can immediately contribute and make an impact on the team? How’d that happen?

We’ve gotten a few this offseason. CMC quietly having a big portal offseason and hopefully not done yet.

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4 in 2 days

RB Martinez (Oregon St)
WR Brown, Houston (formerly WVU)
LB Aldermann (Lousiville)
CB Hill (Marshall)

Waiting on DE Baron, DT Harmon, DT Barrow

We may move further into the DL board if we miss there. We also may be involved with a couple OL.

Crazy how fast rosters change these days.

I don’t love any of this. You all? Meanwhile, Nyjalik Kelly ends up at UCF. Was this necessary? Could he not cut it here or was it about more money there? Why the need for the change? I see no need to follow recruiting any longer. If you sign the guys you hope for, they end up spending a year here and then they’re gone. Then you hope your replacements can cut it.

Don’t like any of it, really. :face_vomiting:

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