Tom Brady Hanging Up The Cleats

:goat: goat :goat:

Can’t imagine anyone getting close.

Yep - Bucs are going to suck next year……

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i figured he had one year left, but its great to see him go out leading the league in passing yards and TDs at 44 years old.

he’s definitely going out on top.

I hope it’s not true. I think he has 2 more productive years in him.

I’m really surprised by this.

Apparently he’s disputing it

Yeah I just saw this….he hasn’t announced it himself……hmmmmm…….

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Hold your horses.

The money must be right. Also some roster changes must be right too…

He was at Old Trafford for the United vs Spurs game yesterday and watched Ronaldo’s fantastic hat-trick. No one can convince that it didn’t impact his decision !

I wouldn’t doubt it.


You know who’s upset right now? The guy that paid $518k for Brady’s last TD pass. I’d cry watching 1/2 a million just wasted. As soon as he throws his next TD pass, it will be near worthless.

Yah, I saw that. If Brady was any kind of dude, he would offer to buy the ball from the guy at the price he paid.

It’s only fair. It’s not like Brady can’t afford it.

I don’t know about all that. Brady had no obligation to do anything.

But he could do something with the ball to try and give it value (sign it, play his first snap on return with it, etc…)

$500,000 is a ton of loot no matter how much you’re worth.

^ What GSC said. It’s not Brady’s problem that someone shelled out half a million for a sweaty football.

I get that he’s under no obligation, but it would be the right thing to do. As much as people hate him, it would go a long way to improve his image.

Just my $0.02

89 is right though. I’ve seen other athletes do something similar to this when something like this has happened in the past. It’s not often something like that would happen. That said, that’s the risk of collectibles.